Top 11 best games for PPSSPP

Top 11 best games for PPSSPP

Find here Top 11 best games for PPSSPP

Whenever we talk about playing games, we remember the first PSP and XBOX games in our minds. PSP games have different fun, so today we are going to tell you about the Top 11 best games for PPSSPP through this article.

PSP games are very popular. Everyone wants to play PSP games but they do not have a sony play station, so they use PPSSPP to play PSP games.

PPSSPP is a simulator. Through which we can play PSP games in android, windows, macOS, Nintendo. PSP games have different fun.

People like games very much and whenever they get bored, they enjoy the PSP games by downloading the PPSSPP simulator on their computer or Android phone.

If you want to download PSP games, you can download the game from their official site by writing the name of the game on Google. But all these games are not free, you have to buy them by paying some money. Or you can download these games from any free site and play them on your PPSSPP simulator.

Best games for PPSSPP

So, friends, I have taken a variety of genre games on this list like action, adventure, racing, classic, retro, and anime. I have played all these games myself. So what are we waiting for? The list is as follows.

God of war: Ghost of Sparta

Call of Duty: Road to Victory

Tekken 6

God of war: Chains of Olympus

Dirt 2

GTA: Vice City Stories

Moto GP

Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines

Ben 10 Ultimate Aliens: Cosmic Destruction

Iron man 2

GTA: Liberty City Stories

Find below more details of best games for PPSSPP

1 : God of war: Ghost of Sparta

God of war: Ghost of Sparta is the best action game for PPSSPP. I have placed this game above all on my list. It is an action game. You can easily download this game and play it on your Android phone.

The main weapon of this game is Blades of Athena. This weapon gets him in the first phase of the war with God. In this game, Villain Thanatos, who threatens your brother Deimos. You can use the secret spot to kill enemies to save his life.

This game I have played on both my Android phone and computer. This is the game we have told you about.

2 : Call of Duty: Road to Victory

The Call of Duty game is based on World War 2. In this game, we have to destroy enemy missile launchers and flank guns. It is one of the best PSP adventure games. In this game, you can use all the guns of World Worker 2 and you can play this game with your team. It is the best action game for PPSSPP. it is a war game.

You can play this game with six players. The graphics and sound of the game give you a real experience. You have to complete a lot of missions. You can use all the Weapons of World War 2 to take the missions above. All Weapons of World War 2 is available at. So play and have fun.


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3 : Tekken 6

Tekken is a game that has transformed many memories of children into laughter. The children used to play Tekken in the gaming parlor, Jake. Some characters of Tekken like Jack, Leo, Zafina, Azalea are very popular. The total is 36 characters in the Tekken game. The game’s theme and the graphics are very amazing. This is a game that people play a lot. Tekken 6 is one of the best action games for PPSSPP and also the best PSP game for kids.

4 : God of war: Chains of Olympus

All of the God of War franchise games are very popular. Chains of Olympus is also the best PSP adventure game. Helios has been kidnapped by someone in this game. Helios is the god of the sun, due to their being lost, the rays of the sun are not asking the earth.

Kartos is supposed to free the god of the sun from Kidneper and kill Kidneeper. You will have a lot of fun playing this game. You can play this game on your PPSSPP. That is why we have added this game to our list.

5 : Dirt 2

If you like car racing games then this game is yours. dirt 2’s unique dirt tracks will give your racing experience different fun. There are lots of cars available in this game. Which makes your racing more dangerous.

By playing dirt 2, it feels like you are racing a car rather than a game. In this game, you also get a map of the dirt track and you get a speed meter as well. We have played this game a lot. Looking at its popularity, we have kept this game on our list.

6 : GTA: Vice City Stories

Whenever it comes to GTA games, everyone wants to play on PSP. But those who have no choice, prefer the original GTA copy game a lot. The game is similar to the original GTA Vice City. It is given a new name simply by adding a few different things to it.

I have played this game a lot. So we have included this game in our list as well. GTA Vice City Stories is also the best looking PSP game.

This game has to complete many of your missions and you also get a reward for completing missions. Playing the game gives you pleasure and the game saves you from depression in boring time

7 : Moto GP

Whenever it comes to sports, people also remember racing games. This is why we have also added racing games to this list. Moto GP is the best PSP bike racing game for kids. If you are fond of bike racing games then you can also download this game and play it on your Android phone. You will like this game very much.

In the Moto GP game, you get to see a lot of racing missions. To complete these missions you have to upgrade your bike. Your bike will have to buy new engines, a good Brake, and upgrades like a turbo boost. This game becomes double the fun after the upgrade.

If you also like this game, then you know how much you enjoy playing racing games. Amazing racing tracks and graphics make you enjoy playing a different game. So you too enjoy moto GP on your PPSSPP.


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8 : Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines

We are going to tell you another very popular game. franchise of this game is very famous. Yes, we are going to tell you the best adventure game for PSP. Which is Assassin’s Creed: Bloodlines. You have to find the same city shown in the first part of this game. At the same time, the game’s controllers have been better than before and the graphics are also amazing.

In this game, you have to hide and kill the British soldier. This task is very difficult, but you can upgrade your character’s powers to complete this task. To upgrade you must upgrade Characters Powers on the high building. Lets you play the game with the game’s famous variables. Apart from this, the game has also given a lot of missions and new war lands, you have to complete all this only then you can win in the game. The story of this game resembles Assassin’s Creed 2. This game is a free game of PSP 3.

9 : Ben 10 Ultimate Aliens: Cosmic Destruction

As a child, we loved watching cartoons. And everybody dreams of playing cartoon games. Every child in this country wants to play a cartoon game. So your wait is over now, we are telling you about the Ben 10 Ultimate Aliens: Cosmic Destruction Game. This game is very popular and awesome. You will enjoy fighting this game. So what is the time to download and play on your Android phone?

In this game’s mission, you can take revenge on four aliens. And can also use all their powers. The story of the game is like a cartoon. Whenever a new alien comes to fight you, this game tells his powers and his way of fighting. After completing the level of the game, you can unlock new places and missions. There are a lot of missions available in this game as you may have seen in your cartoon. In the game’s mission, you can find the hidden egg. This is a very fun rate game. You will get a chance to play with the cartoon character in this game. this is one of the Best anime PSP games.

10 : Iron man 2

If you also like watching superhero movies, then this game is also based on Iron Man, the best superhero of the century. In Iron Man 2 you have to destroy enemies’ ships and weapons. Many of the missions you get in Iron man 2 and you need modern Weapons and technology to complete them. With these Weapons and technology, you can upgrade your character. To upgrade your suite, you have to buy all the Weapons and new technology.

In this game, you get to see a lot of missions. You can reach the last stop of the game by completing those missions. A lot of enemies have to face in the game and they have to win over them with their Weapons and Wisdom.

You can also enjoy this game by downloading Iron Man 2 on your Android phone. We like Iron Man 2 game and its graphics give you a feel of a real gameplay experience. According to us, this game is the best-looking PSP game. Even kids like this game. it is the Best PSP game for Kids.

11 : GTA: Liberty City Stories

If you have ever dreamed of visiting Liberty City, then you are going to play the right game. This game is giving you the opportunity to roam Liberty City and walk there on a car or bike to your phone screen. Yes, we are talking about this game of GTA: Liberty City Stories Game, you get all the features that you have the same experience as the original GTA Vice City.

Apart from this, you also have to execute your missions in Liberty City and complete them and ask them till the last stage of the game. The game has a lot of missions. In this game, you also get a map of the city, due to which you can roam the city well. The game has seen a lot of improvements so that its graphics give a realistic gameplay feel. This game is very famous. That is why we have included this game in the list of Best Games for PPSSPP.


In the end, we want to tell you. All the games in this list can be played on your Android phone with the help of the PPSSPP Simulator. You will find all games easily. In our list, certain types of games are included as best anime PSP games, best PSP games for kids, best PSP adventure games, best-looking PSP games, best unknown PSP games, PSP games download, best anime PSP games, PSP action games download, etc.

You can enjoy by downloading all the games. PPSSPP gives you a play station experience. So that whenever you feel like playing PSP games, you can download them and play them.

Thanks for reading your article. If you have any query then comment us. We will reply soon. Have a nice day


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