Which AWS certification course is best for developers?

Which AWS certification course is best for developers?

AWS Developer Associate

This certification is helpful for software developers. They require 1-year hand-on experience in the maintenance and design of AWS platform applications. Each candidate must possess in-depth knowledge about any H.L. Programming Language.

AWS DevOps Engineer

This certification is meant for developers that want to learn more about DevOps concepts. It is very informative about statistics as well as ever-changing systems. It also gives information about the provision, maintenance and design of applications and the systems present on the AWS platform. In general, it also covers the life cycle of applications.

AWS Certification Courses that are recommended for the developers are as given below:

  • Ultimate AWS Certified Developer Associate – 2020

This is a one-time crash course provided by Udemy. It helps individuals to gain knowledge about AWS. It boosts your chances to clear the examination. It provides a good understanding of concepts as well as practice tests. AWS Developer Associate Course is thorough as it provides the information and ability required for this field of work.

To get started with the course, you only need a basic understanding of programming. In addition, it provides you with mock tests, sample question paper, quiz, and so on to give you a basic understanding of all the topics. You can use the mock test to determine your weak areas. Thus, you can fix your weak areas before appearing in the exam. You can learn the following content by doing this course:

  • Knowledge of AWS Services recommended for AWS projects.
  • Serverless API with the help of Cognito, API Gateway and DynamoDB
  • Socket programming with AWS SQS, Kinesis and SNS.
  • Information about CloudWatch, CloudTrail
  • Fully-automated applications with AWS CI/CD tools
  • AWS CloudFormation
  • EC2 Basics
  • Security for AWS Cloud
  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional 2020

This is a famous course amongst the candidates along with a high rating. It is offered by Udemy. It provides you with a deep knowledge of DevOps and its concepts. Thus, it is recommended for those individuals that are I.T. professionals aiming to make long time career in AWS.

This course is a great choice for anyone wishing to clear the DevOps engineer exam. It gives you various practical questions and gives you the experience required to prepare for this exam. You can also receive online consultation. The mock exam is also provided at the end to gain better experience before giving the exam.

It covers six domains – 

  • Configuration management and coding infrastructure
  • SDLC Automation
  • Logging and Monitoring
  • Event and Incident Response
  • Policy and Standards Automation
  • Fault Tolerance, High-availability and Disaster Recovery 
  • AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional – 2020

It is offered by Udemy, and it provides you 20 hours’ worth of content that helps you to pass AWS DevOps Engineer Professional examination in the shortest time possible. It is recommended for those individuals that can grasp the knowledge faster and have a good memory. 

This is a great choice, of course for any individual wishing to learn the concepts faster. It also offers good quality materials and resources that help to crack the exam. This course is provided in English as well as the Italian language.

To understand this course fully, candidates are suggested to have one year of experience in AWS. This course provides you with more benefits than other courses. It enables you to clear the examination and also, get the skills that might help you in real-world scenarios.

  • AWS Certified Developer Associate – 2020

This course is provided by Udemy. It has around 200k students enrolled, and it provides candidates with knowledge and information that is needed to clear the exam for AWS certified developer associate. To find solutions by yourself is not an easy task. This course helps you to find the answers and provide you with better knowledge regarding the exam. 

You can get a clear idea of where to begin from after taking up this course. The concepts are taught clearly in this course. It is suitable for both the newcomers and the professionals. It gives you good resources and material for practising.

Therefore, these courses are best suitable for the individuals interested to clear or pass the developer certification exams. These certifications give you various opportunities for developers in the I.T. field and offer a good salary. So, you must learn a course before giving its examination. Each course has its own benefits and gives you the knowledge and resources required to clear the examination in your first attempt.


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