FAQs About Changing Air Filters For HVACs

FAQs About Changing Air Filters For HVACs

With the advent of all-things-DIY these days, it’s but right that we give you a bit of a peek into how you can DIY air filter-changing for your HVAC. You can still hire professionals to do this for you, of course. However, it’ll be to your benefit to understand the “how” behind the process. 

Whether you need to change filterking.com/air-filter-sizes/8x24x1a or other sizes, read up on the basic to-dos below. 

Don’t Wait Last Minute 

According to experts, the recommended time to take note of regarding when to change air filters is at least 4 weeks before the season begins to shift dramatically. Weather is volatile and it’s tough to use that as a basis. So, set your sights on seasons instead. 

Waiting last-minute might cause the HVAC machine to malfunction because of the worn-down air filter, plus the fact that the season will also require a different setting (and air filter, of course) compared to the previous one. 

In parallel to this, it’s highly suggested that you set these air filter changes in motion regularly and consistently every 3 months. 

Warranty Plan 

The warranty plan of your HVAC isn’t only about that safeguard of having the device and/ or its parts replaced within a certain timeframe from the day of purchase, cost-free (or reduced, in a few cases). 

What the warranty plan will point towards is with regards to instructions you can follow in replacing air filters. Bear in mind that home warranties and manufacturer warranties are different from each other. Follow each one’s set of directions as closely and carefully as possible. 

Doing so will lead you to experience less trouble choosing the next type of filter to substitute for the old one. When you start your air-filter scouting, you’ll be able to make selections about filter levels against particles, bacteria, and even smoke. 

Size Instead Of Warranty Plan

In the event that you no longer have the HVAC’s warranty plan with you (it happens sometimes so don’t fret), the golden rule is to simply follow the size specification of the machine. If you’re unsure about this, then use the old air filter when comparing measurements. 

Filter Location 

The easiest method to spot the HVAC’s air filter is by pointing out the location of the ductwork. The ductwork is made up of a system of tubes that bring air in and transfer air out, whether hot or cold, depending on the setting you select for the HVAC itself. They’re typically found behind the panels where the air is blown through (a cluster of horizontal or vertical slots either on the side or back portion of the machine). 

It should be sandwiched right in the middle of the internal unit and the furnace body. As a side note, the internal unit is what’s responsible for “bringing air inward” and the furnace body is what “pushes air outward”. And when in doubt, wait for the contractor to make the air-filter replacement and have him or her point out where the filter is (to avoid any DIY mishaps).


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