Basic Concepts of 3D Animation

Basic Concepts of 3D Animation

Every year the areas of our work and entertainment are increasingly digitalized. New possibilities are emerging, more realistic and smoother virtual reality is finding new applications. In this setting, 3D animation feels more than comfortable. It constantly finds new forms of display and approximation to realism.

D animation is undoubtedly an area that is on the rise. There is a growing demand for more and more advanced and sophisticated entertainment products. This requires the appropriate specialists who have not only the desire to do something grandiose, but also the experience of working with modern animation software. Game companies such as 3D animation studio Kevuru Games responsibly approach the recruitment of animators for their team, so the results of their work are always excellent.

But what is 3D animation? What does it take to become a 3D animator? Let’s look at it in order.

In the World of 3D Animation

What is the difference between 3D animation services and 2D analogs? First of all, the fact that the three-dimensional space is as close as possible to real life. We can view elements from all angles, they have length, width and depth. They have volume. 2D animation is flat, it looks like a drawing made on paper.

Why is 3D so popular? It is due to realism. Players will prefer games that are as close as possible in graphics to the real world. This provides a much more immersive experience. In addition, 3D gives you more room to change or even reuse an element. The animation is done on the basis of 3D models, which are already drawn from all sides. Any 2D scene that needs to be changed must be repainted.

3D animation services are used not only for video games. Moving 3D models are also very relevant in the advertising field and for making films. Now we see a large number of animated films made on the basis of stylized 3D animation. Also, 3D animation models are often introduced into live-action films, and it looks absolutely natural due to the use of the most advanced technologies.

So who are these people who work in the animation field?

3D Animators and their Routine

People who want to do animation should understand that creating is far from as rosy and fun as looking at the finished product. In fact, this is a complex and lengthy process that requires absolute concentration and attention to detail. It often takes hours to make a few seconds of animation. Not everyone knows about this, so many who set foot on this path very quickly give up and move into some other, simpler sphere.

The work of an animator is primarily working with a computer. You can master the necessary software by completing several thematic courses and practicing at graduation work. Being able to work in a team is important as the animation is usually part of a larger workflow and involves many people. Despite the possibilities of modern technology, the animator must have good artistic skills and understand the basic principles of depicting people, animals, objects, and more.

The animation is movement. Therefore, a specialist must be subtle in understanding the peculiarities and differences of the movements of men and women, feel the timing, and be able to choose the right setting. The character’s gait on solid ground, earth, or sand will differ. The same goes for jumping, falling, and any other action. You need to think over and take into account everything. This is the only way to make the animation really attractive and mesmerizing.


We can talk about 3D animation for a long time. But it’s better to see once than hear about it ten times. If you are looking for good specialists in this area, then pay attention to the 3D animation company Kevuru Games at Check out their portfolio and evaluate the expertise for yourself. The studio is staffed by experts with over eight years of experience working on animation projects for games ranging from casual to AAA.

They are never limited to what has already been achieved and continue to improve, exploring new technologies and approaches to displaying movement in an even more realistic and visually attractive way. This allows the team to stay one step ahead and offer some of the best animation services on the market.


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