Travel Treats: The 5 Best Beauty Treatments for Travelers

Travel Treats: The 5 Best Beauty Treatments for Travelers

Whether you’re stopping into a Melbourne cosmetic tattooing studio, getting your teeth whitened in Hanoi, or fitting in a filler top-up in Cancun, there are endless ways to treat yourself to a glow-up while traveling. Some beauty treatments make life easier for travelers, while others are far more affordable in certain parts of the world.

If you’ve been wondering which are the best treatments to try, consider the following five options:

1. Laser hair removal

You can find affordable laser hair removal packages everywhere from Mexico to Australia. Each session leaves you hair-free for around ten weeks, and when the hair does grow back, you’ll notice it’s softer and sparser. Eventually, you won’t need to return at all. This makes laser hair removal ideal for those who prefer a hair-free look but who don’t want to lug razors, epilators, or other hair removal products around. It also means you can say goodbye to razor burn, cuts, and in-grown hairs.

2. Cosmetic Tattooing

It’s vital to focus on quality over price when it comes to cosmetic tattooing. Find the right cosmetic artist, and you can have everything from your lips to your eyebrows tattooed semi-permanently. Results last anywhere from four to 30 months, depending on the treatment. You get a lot of mileage out of permanent makeup, and it’s genuinely satisfying to have no bulky makeup bag to worry about when you go through airport security.


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3. Massage and spa treatments

Whether you book in for a massage with a local osteopath or indulge in a spa day, treating your body comes with many beautifying rewards. In addition to freeing up your muscles and taking care of any travel-related aches and pains, an osteopath will be able to give you exercises and advice to improve your posture. And we all know that perfect posture is as beautiful as it is good for your health.

If you opt for the spa day, you can look forward to walking out with a head-to-toe glow around sunset. And who wouldn’t love that?

4. Thermal pools and mud baths

From Switzerland’s Therme Vals to New Zealand’s Waikite Valley Thermal Pools, you’ll find these gloriously indulgent retreats all across the globe. Thermal pools and mud baths give you the opportunity to soak in so much more than just the beautifying minerals. Most can be found deep within stunning natural surroundings, meaning that you also get to enjoy the powerfully healing experience of being ensconced in a beautiful place. There are few things as satisfying as enjoying a beauty treatment provided by nature herself, so be sure to always research whether there are hot springs or mud baths in the regions you’re visiting.

5. Lasers and LEDs

The beauty of lasers is that there are so many styles nowadays that you can always find one to suit your goals and constraints. If you’re just after something to nick off sun and wind damage, you can get a light laser treatment with no downtime whatsoever.

If you’re experiencing a flare-up of acne, dermatitis, rosacea, or another skin issue while traveling, you can generally find a laser or LED treatment that can nip it in the bud for you before it becomes a full-blown issue.

Of course, no matter what type of laser you go with, you’ll have to use strong sun protection afterward and follow all aftercare instructions given to you.

Indulge in any or all of the treatments above, and you can look your best while traveling, but without having to lug around a massive kit of beauty products.


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