Top 15 Apps for students to earn money

Apps for students to earn money

Find here the list of best Apps for students to earn money

Are you bored sitting at home? Do you want to work whilst studying in college? If the answer is yes, then there are many apps that you can download on your phone and start earning some serious money on the side. Also find here some Effective Ways on How to Earn Money for College. And don’t forget to custom essays to save more time for working.

Benefits of working while studying

There are a ton of benefits for students when they work while pursuing their college degree, some of them are –

Valuable job experience

When you work whilst earning a degree, when you finally leave college you will have some work experience to show to your prospective employer. In today’s world when the competition is fierce, everyone is looking to up their game. With a work experience, you let recruiters know that you have some experience of working under pressure and have a working knowledge of how a company works. Moreover, when students work or intern apart from earning some money, they may also receive a certificate based on their merit. This certificate is important as it lets recruiters know the kind of work that you did at an organization and the quality of your work as well.

Time management skills

When you work in a company there will be times when you are required to work on multiple things simultaneously. If you start working right after college without having any prior experience, things may get overwhelming. When you work while studying, you automatically learn to multitask as you have to manage between studying and working as well. The more responsibilities you take on, the better prepared you’ll be when you leave college and start working full time.

It can help students avoid debt

When you work you also get paid which means you gain financial independence. Financial independence will help you greatly in the future. Being responsible for taking care of your finances means you don’t have to rely on your parents to take care of you or your education which can be a huge relief.

Improves student’s grades

When you work in the field that you like and are studying in, this becomes a huge learning opportunity for students. In life, not everything is about rote learning. You also learn through practical knowledge and where better to learn practically than in the field that interests you and are already pursuing? With real life experiences of working in the field, you expand your knowledge and are thus constantly learning.

Top 15 Apps for students where they can earn money

A lot of students are now realizing the benefits of working when studying. There are various part time opportunities on internet for students. Here are our top 15 apps that let you work while simultaneously earning an education.


If you are someone who takes a lot of notes during lectures, then this is the perfect app for you. Available on Ios and Android a student has to simply upload their notes on the portal and start earning money. There are many page scanning apps available on the app store which makes uploading notes an easy task.


Work with popular brands either part-time, full time or apply for working from home. On GigIndia you can also find and apply for paid internships. The app is currently only available on Android.


In compliance with Paytm, squadrun is an app where you complete tasks and earn reward points called SquadCoins. The company in collaboration with other big companies such as Flipkart, Ola, Snap deal takes their tasks and turns them into smaller tasks for students to complete. You will be assigned tasks of giving feedback, tagging images, categorizing products into categories and such. Currently squadrun is available only on Android.


Find working opportunities in a variety of fields like food, marketing, blogging, content writing, fashion, music and many more on the lemon op app. Students can find part-time gigs, short-term internships and work from home jobs while getting paid. Currently the app is only available on Android.

mCent Browser

Earn money by literally surfing the internet. Mcent is a browser app where students can save up on their mobile recharges/bills and data. Simply surf the internet, read news, shop online, watch/download videos on the app and receive reward points which can be redeemed for recharges.

Coinswitch Kuber

Crypto currency is the new money. Bitcoins were created in 2008 and is a form of virtual money. When you download coin switch, you can start buying bitcoin certification which you can then keep as is or sell later for a higher value. Buying bitcoins is kind of like buying stock.

Google Opinion Rewards

On google opinion rewards, you can earn money by simply taking a survey. Take surveys in a number of fields such as hotel reviews, personal opinion and many more. Payments are released by Google via Google Pay or Paypal. The app is available on android and ios.


If you love writing, then starting your own blog is a good idea. When you create your own blog, you have the time to grow your business and then earn money from it. This method is a bit time consuming, but remember, at the end of the day you are creating your own brand and building a brand takes time.

Social Media

The youth of today is constantly on their phones so it’s not a bad idea to turn your social media accounts into earning money. Similar to blogging, earning through social media takes time and patience but once you are an influencer, you can start earning real money. On your social media platform you can be an influencer about anything that interests you be it lifestyle, fashion, food, photography display your art virtually and earn money as a social media influencer.


Youtube is a platform where you can earn some serious money. If you are interested in the culinary arts, start a channel and share your food recipes. Once you reach a certain number of subscribers, you can monetize your videos and start earning. Some of the top Youtube channels are paid in crores of rupees based on their number of subscribers. For your youtube videos to work, you will also have to familiarize yourself with adwords and keywords which will help boost your channel.

Affiliate marketer

Affiliates are marketers who earn commissions whenever someone makes a sale based on their recommendation or link. There are many e-commerce websites such as Amazon, Flipkart, Yatra that let you become an affiliate just by signing up.


Rakutan gets paid a commission for referrals and Rakutan pays a part of that commission to its users in the form of cash backs. With more than 2,500 stores that have partnered with Rakutan, you can earn cash rewards after you shop from portals like Amazon, H&M and many more.


If you love photography then this is the perfect portal for you. On Foap all you have to do is upload the pictures that you have taken and then wait for a buyer to buy the said photo. When a picture is bought, you share the profits with Foap. Foap payments are made via paypal.

Poll Pay

As the name suggests, poll pay is an app where you take surveys and earn money or gift cards in return. These surveys are short and quick which means you will still be left with time to focus on studying or on other jobs.

Dream 11

When it comes to fantasy gaming apps, dream 11 is one of the best gaming apps in India. To get paid, you have to create your dream teams and play. In order to play, you will have to invest some of your own money. When you win a match you played, you win back the money you invested along with a commission. Dream 11 is a little bit like gambling so take adequate caution before you invest.

In Conclusion

There are many apps out there that let students earn some money while studying. Part-time, work from home jobs are fun and are great learning opportunities for students to learn and gain some financial independence.


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