The 5 Best Cryptocurrency Website Templates You Must Try

The 5 Best Cryptocurrency Website Templates You Must Try

Although cryptocurrencies have hogged the limelight for almost a decade, they have begun gaining popularity in the real sense only now. A debate on cryptocurrencies is sure to come up regardless of whatever you’re doing- hanging out in the pub with a group of friends or sunbathing on the beach with kids and family. While many want to mine cryptocurrencies and invest in them, there is no dearth of people who want to offer their services to the outer world. Keeping that in mind, we have curated a list of best cryptocurrency website templates that you should definitely try. While some of these are exclusively dedicated to digital currencies, others can come in handy for all purposes. But all of these templates can be customized and used for your cryptocurrency website. So here they are.


The template offered by Cryptoking is an embodiment of elegance and simplicity by all means. It offers clean, contemporary, and stylish web design, apart from being an industry-specific HTML template. That is why Cryptoking is the ideal choice for anything related to the crypto industry. It offers high flexibility, customizability, adaptability, and many other options. Whether you own an agency, an investment company, or a tokenized exchange platform, you can benefit from this tool as it will provide you with an active page that it is all set up, requiring very little to be done from your end.


Most updated crypto news providers hail Cryptic as one of the best crypto site templates as it is a fully-functional cryptocurrency tool with over two dozen demos. ICO listings & consultancy, online store, dark and light layouts- Cryptic has got it all covered. At Cryptic, you can choose the sample that you think would best reflect the idea behind your site and go from there. Cryptic features coin calculator, live price tables, and a cool countdown timer. Cryptic will let you get on to your crypto project right away without breaking a sweat.

Jevelin (WordPress)

Jevelin is a highly sought out multi-purpose cryptocurrency template that can be used for almost any type of online project. Jevelin will give your crypto site a fresh new page as it has an entire demo that is dedicated to the coin market. With its stunning dark and mobile-ready layout, you can have your web-space running in no time. Jevelin follows all the latest web and tech trends and delivers a product that helps you enhance the creative spirit and craft the most mind-blowing dream webpages. It is the perfect combination of looks and technical features. Thus, it makes for one of the best cryptocurrency website templates.


Arda is the best you’ve got if you are looking for a cryptocurrency template that can attract like-minded individuals as the audience. Arda comes with a kit that consists of four different home layouts and four pre-prepared colors to make it easy to use. It is HTML5 validated and based on Bootstrap 4. Arda can come in handy, especially if you want to create a directory for upcoming crypto events. It makes sure that your end website functions smoothly on all devices, thereby allowing you to scale your business.

Divi (WordPress)

If you have a sorted back-end team in place, it might be time to ramp up your efforts to boost your online presence. Divi will help you precisely with that as it does most of the work for you without requiring you to spend a ton of time on them. Its predefined page layouts ease most of the tasks for you. It has got a beautiful design that will arouse the curiosity of the visitors on your site. Divi also allows you to create a single-page layout. The template also features testimonials, Google Maps, working contract form, scrolling animations, and sticky navigation. Thus, it covers all bases.

Conclusion : With hundreds of crypto templates out there, it can be somewhat tricky for you to choose the right template for your site. However, our list of best cryptocurrency website templates would help you make the right call on choosing the best template. So, which one of these is your favorite?


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