7 Digital Marketing Trends For 2019

7 digital marketing trends for 2019

Digital marketing is essential for every online company, an e-commerce company, and for other offline businesses. The nature and size of your business don’t matter when it comes to digital marketing as it is the best way to connect with a global audience without spending too much on product marketing.

Digital marketing has many aspects like SEO, content marketing, social media promotion, advertisements, and the recent trends of artificial intelligence, and voice research, and so on. These recent trends were considered science fiction gimmicks a few years back, but now they are the reality of the market.

As a marketer, it is tough to figure out the best marketing strategy for your business as they keep evolving and changing. But with simple research and an eye of the market will keep you updated. To help you out, we have listed the top seven digital marketing trends of the year 2019.

Let’s explore the trends that will set the digital marketing industry on fire in 2019

Let’s explore the trends that will set the digital marketing industry on fire in 2019


  1. Voice search and smart speakers

Let’s look at these statistics related to voice search:

In till 2020, the searching ration of voice search will be 50% of the total search.

Google get 20% mobile queries through voice search.

Bing has recorded 25% voice search.

These numbers are high and have made businesses rethink their strategy for implementing voice search in their digital marketing. Voice search uses AI technology and provides every data that the user is looking for through audio commands. The latest development in AI has reduced the errors in voice assistants.

Brands are actively using the voice assistant to increase their sales like Dominos Pizza that allows the user to order pizza using Alexa.

With an increase in the sale of Alexa, Amazon echo, and Google home, it is imperative that you include voice search in your digital marketing strategy.

  1.  Social media and its stories

We all know that social media is the biggest digital marketing tool, as it can help you connect with literally anyone throughout the globe. Most social media platforms keep coming up with various tools to make it more feasible for marketers, and one such feature is social media stories.

Stories feature have become viral, with initially Snapchat coming with it. After that, all other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp came with this feature too.

It is a great tool as it allows marketers to go live, and post small videos about their product, or upload pictures featuring behind the scenes of their events and so on. Canva is a tool by which you can design your post beautifully.

This tool takes advantage of user’s FOMO, and it works, so as a savvy marketer, you need to use this trending feature.

  1. Visual Search

It is a fact that our brains possess visual data faster than text. And marketers used to use this fact by uploading content with more visuals. But now the tables have turned, now technology had made it possible for users to search for anything online using visual. They can upload images on the search engine and get relevant and more specific details.

Pinterest is already using this technology, with Lens users can search for related items by using a photo or even pin boards for it.

Google also lets pixel phone users perform visual search using Google lens.

  1. Social messaging apps

Social messaging apps are not used only for exchanging gossips or emojis between friends. It is now used by businesses in their digital marketing strategy. Don’t think it is useful for businesses? Then check out these results:

Between Facebook messenger and people, there is an exchange of 2 billion messages.

There are 1.3 billion active users on Whatsapp.

FB messenger, WeChat, and Whatsapp combined have more users than YouTube or Facebook.

These are staggering statistics that show that they are popular and this trend will be even more popular in 2019.

If a business uses social messaging apps in their digital marketing strategy, then they can directly contact their customers.


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  1. Video Marketing

Here are the figures for video marketing:

  • 72% brands agree that video marketing has increased their conversion rates
  • 52% consumers agree that they make a decision regarding a product after watching a brand video.

These figures show how much a video can influence a customer’s decision and help promote your business. As a futuristic, you need to start video marketing for your brand. For ensuring that your video gets even higher engagement, post that video on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and so on.

  1. Personalization

Personalization is one of the important trends of 2019 that you have to look out for. Personalization refers to content that is personalized for the brand’s target user. For instance, personalized emails, products, messages, and so on can help you get more loyal consumers.

In the current era where every user detail is on social media, it is easy to customize a product or content as per the liking of consumers. As a matter of fact, 96% brands say that with personalized content they have a higher chance of maintaining customer relationship.

The biggest TV and movies streaming app Netflix is already using this trend.

  1. ChatBots

Already a famous tool for many e-commerce companies, ChatBots should be an important part of marketer’s strategy in 2019 too.  It is based on Artificial Intelligence and can communicate with your consumers or website visitor via instant messaging in real-time.

By 2020, every business is planning to implement this technology on their websites. These virtual assistants are just as smart as a human customer service rep and deliver the best customer service. They respond to queries, hear complaints, and so on without ever getting irritated or tired.

Many big brands are using this like Swiggy or Uber.

Final words

For business customer satisfaction and experience is the key to grow their business and be successful. In 2019, all marketers will be using the above trends to ensure the same. In order to stay ahead of the competition and have maximum lead conversions, produce custom audio and video content and find innovative ways to market your brand.


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