What are the best features of Candid Photography?

Weddings have changed extremely in the past few years. Picture motion introduces candid as well as traditional photography wedding photography. Couples want more from a wedding these days, they don’t want the old-style, customary photography anymore. They repeatedly ask for documented or candid wedding photography because it seizures the sentiments of not only the couple, but also the guests relishing themselves without covering them up in front of the camera. But, candid photography is so much more than just directing your camera at people and shooting away to glory. You, as a photographer, need to know and understand the finer tinges involved in candid wedding photography; you need to know how to get good candid shots without people noticing you. Here are five commands to shoot a wedding in a good-looking, unremarkable and sincere way which would make the entire mission much easier for you.

  1. Always be ready

The chief tip for candid wedding photography which can be given is, to be always equipped. By that, I mean you must always keep an eye out for moments, and keep that camera ready. Your camera needs to be in your hands and ready to shoot at a moment’s notice. You must set the camera according to the light conditions.

  1. Know your equipment

I cannot tell you how many times I’ve seen photographers miss the shot while they are trying to change the camera settings. You must know the tackle that you are using, exclusive out. It helps to tester the light conditions and set the camera accordingly, so that you don’t miss the events that would warrant a picture.

  1. Use a telephoto zoom lens

Candid photography is all about taking images of the bride, groom, guests, etc., from a distance without them observing you. Nothing will be more helpful in achieving this than a fairly long telephoto zoom lens. I recurrently use lenses like a 100mm, 70-200mm or even a 100-400mm when I need to detention those emotions, those straight moments.

  1. Do not use flash

One sure-fire way of getting people to notice you is to use a flash (whether it be the onboard one, or an external flash gun). Not only this, light from a flash can be so uncomplimentary and boring, to put it simply. If there is a deficiency of light, you as a photographer need to find other ways to enhance up the scene that you are photographing, either by opening up the orifice, increasing the ISO, slowing up the secure (to an acceptable range), etc.

  1. Foresee or plan ahead

As a candid wedding photographer, it is your job to foreknow what is going to happen, or at least take your best considered guess. If possible, I’d recommend you visit the location before the wedding so that you can scout out some good locations for taking pictures. If you are unable to go visit the location beforehand, then at least reach the venue well before the function is to start.


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