Why Gold Bridesmaid Dresses Are Your Best Bet?

Why Gold Bridesmaid Dresses Are Your Best Bet

Once you have finalized your gown for the wedding, dresses for your bridesmaid would probably be the next most important thing to decide. There are two things you must keep in mind when choosing bridesmaid dresses – they wouldn’t want to put on something they aren’t comfortable wearing and secondly bridesmaids no longer wish for a gown that they aren’t likely to wear again in their lives.

As we talk about choosing bridesmaid dresses you’d have lot of options at hand. The market for bridesmaid dresses has really come alive in the last few years with the advent of online shopping. You are no longer tied down to a few options or have to choose dresses that look killer on some of your bridesmaid and make others victim of body shaming.

If you haven’t yet finalized on the dresses for your bridesmaid and exploring all the options we suggest you to go for gold bridesmaid dresses. These have become very popular in the recent years and this is the reason you see them all around. If you are still wondering why do we suggest gold or rose gold bridesmaid dresses please read on.

They are apt for wedding..

A wedding is different from a prom night or a cocktail party and you’d surely want your bridesmaid to dress in an outfit that is apt for the occasion. And you can’t surely think of a better choice than gold bridesmaid dresses. The shade and the sheen create the perfect feeling of the occasion.

Merging tradition with modernity..
Your friends won’t be willing to dress the same as bridesmaids did at your mum’s wedding. But at the same time you’d definitely want to maintain some of the solemn character of the event. This is where rose gold bridesmaid dresses are a perfect choice. They merge tradition with modernity seamlessly.

Let them shine..
Your Aunt Caroline may say otherwise but there is no reason for you to have your bridesmaids move around you in an understated way. There was a time not too long ago when bridesmaids were expected to not appear as beautiful and stunning as the bride. Times have changed and today you as bride aren’t likely to be envious of how your bridesmaids grab eyeballs. So let them shine.

Don’t worry about the length..

Not everyone among your bridesmaid has an hourglass figure. Some would like the dress to be short while others would prefer a traditional gown. Let them decide on what they want as rose gold bridesmaid dresses look glamorous irrespective of where the hemline is. In fact it is wiser to have different hemlines as it makes them look more interesting as a group than going for something that is uniform in all aspects. 

No jewelry required..

Your bridesmaids may not want to wear jewelry and when you go for bridesmaid dresses in gold you can let them have it their way. This is perhaps one of the most understated benefits of choosing these dresses as the absence of jewelry or very little of it can often go unnoticed unlike some of the other color shades that are popular for bridesmaid dresses.

Mix the fabrics..
No need to cut all the dresses from the same fabric. While you may be apprehensive doing it with other shades of color with rose gold dresses they would create an interesting mix. Go for a blend of fabrics from silk to chiffon and tulle to lace. Each would make its own appeal.

To sum up gold bridesmaid dresses would be the best choice for your besties at the wedding. There are online stores that would offer you an extensive choice of dresses in gold.  You can either opt for the same designs and styles for all your bridesmaids or let them choose their own styles and shine on your wedding day.


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