Best Friend Birthday Gift Giving Guide

Best Friend Birthday Gift Giving Guide

When the world is a little chaotic, you instinctively turn to someone who listens, cares, and motivates you to believe in yourself.  You often face the formidable challenges living a modern life, which is a life in transition. This person becomes your champion, therapist, and go-to-comfort-provider, achieving “best friend” status, and endless gratitude.

How do you show this person that they are valued, and return the gift of enduring true friendship?  A birthday celebration is the perfect moment to showcase your appreciation, and high esteem for your bestie, girl, or guy.

Explore the below guides, starting first for her, then for him.

Best Friend Gifts for Her Birthday

Every girl/ladies require a bestie to help her find laughter, when she never thought she would smile again. Talking to her, is often the only therapy you need, to believe in yourself, again. The gift you give to her, demonstrates your knowledge of her unique qualities, and displays her priceless worth in your life. Show her that she has touched your heart.

This curated list offers gift ideas will celebrate her, as only you can:

Custom Birthstone and Initial Necklace

Giving your best friend a birthstone necklace, with her name or initials, placed on a delicate chain, in the length she favors, will celebrate her on many levels. A necklace is a circle of never-ending friendship. The stone highlights your value of her birth, as an incredibly special time. The metal choice, gold, or silver is a clue to how well you know her. Make sure to pick a necklace with a safety clasp. It too, says, “this gift is to be kept forever.” Add a card which says that she is the consummate friend.

Lavender Spa Birthday Gift Baskets

You know, well, that your best friend loves to feel pampered. Her life is hectic, productive, and rewarding, but down-time is rare. Memories of lounging together, discussing life’s greatest questions, has built a strong bond between you. The mutual love of the newest fizzy bath balms, and fragrance oils, you gift her, will fill her senses with delight, when you give her one of these amazing birthday gift baskets filled with:

  • A Beautiful rope storage tote
  • Relaxing bath pillow
  • Terry cloth bath slippers
  • Soothing facial eye pads
  • Moisturizing foot lotion
  • Aromatherapy potpourri
  • Room diffuser, plus reeds
  • Fizzing bath confetti
  • Pedicure paddle with pumice stone and brush
  • Lavender nourishing hand cream, bath gel, body lotion, and bath salts

Mini Instant Camera and Film

This credit card sized little camera comes in blush pink, which you know is her favorite color. It is compact to go anywhere, fitting easily into her pocket, or mini purse. Memories will be saved for future perusal, and forever-enjoyment, that can be shared with future generations, years from now, as your friendship thrives. This tiny camera offers:

  • Automatic exposure
  • Optimal shutter speed in any environment, even in the dark
  • 1-touch selfie mode, built-in macro mode, and a selfie mirror for perfect selfies.
  • Lens, with pull-out features, the lens barrel twists out for close-ups
  • 2 shutter button accessories, jewel button, and glow button
  • 2 packs of film are included

Now on to Him! – Best Friend Gifts for His Birthday

Guys know what their best friend likes.  If he loves hard rock music, outdoor time, gourmet foods, working out, or gaming, you choose something he will use, and enjoy. This is “guy-speak” for saying that your grateful this person walks on the planet, with you, and is the one you could fallback-on, anytime.

Check out this list for ideas that will let him know how you feel about him:

Two Room Set of Voice Controlled Smart Speakers (with Alexa)

He craves music, and should be able to surround himself with beats, in his home. Get him smart speakers with:

  • Built-in voice control
  • Alexa as his assistant, to play music, check news, set alarms and more
  • Compact size lets the speakers fit in any room
  • Humidity resistant feature lets the speakers flourish in dampness on the deck, or in the bathroom
  • Can connect to other speakers for stereo surround sound in every room

Music is his passion, and being surrounded with the playlist he loves, and reinvents often, offers him constant joy, and entertainment. His happiness, and your efforts, are the glue that grows the bond you are both sharing.

Grand Birthday Gift Basket

The guy who stands up for his friends, and can be counted on, deserves to be spoiled on his special day. You know him and are familiar with his cravings for sweet and savory treats. This enormous basket will delight him for days. It contains these flavorful and nutritious pastries, and:

  • Chocolate Pecan Caramels
  • Butter Toffee Mixed Nuts
  • Hazelnut Filled Puff Pastry
  • Chocolate Chip Cappuccino Cookies
  • Chocolate Amaretto Almonds
  • Crème Brule Trail Mix
  • Honey Mustard Pretzel Twists
  • Laurieri Italian Olive Twists

His taste buds will be beyond sated, as he enjoys every morsel of this basket, and its dedicated sweet/savory delights. It will take days to enjoy, and his temperamental palate will now accept gourmet treats, ongoing. He will thank you with an elbow bump, but you know he is a happy birthday celebrant.  Don’t forget the card. It doesn’t have to gush, but it can, in a few words, say that you appreciate him in your life.

Masterclass Subscription

Give him a gift that will enrich his life and expand his thinking. He will admire and absorb the information offered by people who do, and then teach. You know what he loves to learn, whether its about growing his income, learning a language of the county he loves to visit, or understanding the stock market, in this new century. This gift has it all:

  • Over 100 classes to choose from
  • A-List instructors
  • Insightful lessons that cannot be seen on any other platform
  • Each class has 20 lessons, 3 to 5 stellar hours of instruction
  • Videos that have Hollywood quality clarity
  • Riveting information that improves your skill sets and life.

There is much to choose from with Masterclass, and personal growth is his, within his own areas of interest. This gift keeps giving.

Friendships, like Birthdays, are Priceless

All good friends strive to do the same things, be supportive and demonstrate loyalty. Gender doesn’t matter. They all want your happiness, success, and wellbeing. You know fairly quickly when a friendship is born. It takes work to sustain, but it is a priceless, and rare, adventure, well shared.


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