How Can I Pay My Hughesnet Bill?

How Can I Pay My Hughesnet Bill?

Hughesnet is one of the largest internet service providers that offers services all across the US, especially in rural areas and remote locations. It offers internet & phone services to customers who don’t have access to territorial internet connections and want to have good internet speed.

Since most of the Hughesnet customers live in rural areas and don’t have any Hughesnet stores nearby, Hughesnet bill payment is a concern for many customers.

Ways to Pay Hughesnet Bill

Hughesnet offers several ways for its customers to view or pay their bills. That is not just limited to making your payments over the phone, but customers can also reach out to customer service using different methods, use the Hughesnet website to pay their bills, mail their payments, or opt for Hughesnet Auto-Pay to get their monthly bill deducted automatically from their bank account.

Via Phone

One of the most common ways that customers use to pay their monthly bills is over the phone. Customers can call Hughesnet customer service 24/7 and pay their bills by providing their card information.

This is very convenient for a majority of the customers because they don’t have to do anything by themselves. All they have to do is call 1-855-771-3154 and let the representative know that they are looking to pay their bill.

The rep might ask for some basic information to verify the account and help the customer in making their payment. Even if you are not looking to make the payment right away and just want to know the total amount, you can ask the customer service representative and they will assist you with that.

Online Using Hughesnet Website

Hughesnet Website is the second option that allows customers to make their payments with ease. That is comparatively faster as you would be entering your details and making your payment. Moreover, you won’t have to go through long wait times before you get connected to a representative, especially during rush hours.

To make your payment through the website, you will have to visit Once the website is open, you will find a “Pay Now” button in the top right corner. Click that button and enter your Site Account Number (SAN) along with your zip code. After doing that, it will show you the option to view your bill or to make any payments.

As an alternative, you can also login to your account on the same website by clicking on the sign-in button. There will be a “My Account” tab that you can click to view your billing statement or to pay your bill.

Via Mail

For those customers who don’t have any credit or debit card, they can also pay their Hughesnet bills via mail. That is also a useful option for the times when you are waiting for your new card but have to make the payment instantly.

To do so, you can mail a check along with your SAN (Site Account Number) at the Hughesnet mailing address which is “Hughes Network Systems, P.O. Box 96874, Chicago, IL 60693-6874”.

Before you do that, please ensure your SAN is written or attached to your check. That would guarantee the smooth completion of the bill payment process and avoid any issues. Once you have sent the payment, you can call customer service after a few days to make sure they have received it and you are good to go.

Hughesnet Auto-Pay

Auto-pay is a great option for customers who want to avoid the hassle of managing and paying their internet and phone bills. This makes things easier for customers as the amount gets deducted automatically every month from their bank accounts while they get an email notification when the statement is ready.

This is also a great way to avoid any late payments and processing fees. Along with that, it is environment friendly and very convenient because you practically have to do nothing, other than checking your email and making sure the payment process went through smoothly.

Hughesnet offers Auto-Pay by default when customers sign-up for the services. In case you are not comfortable with that, you can also call customer services and cancel it. However, keep in mind that it will cost you $5 additional because Hughesnet will remove the $5 discount for auto-pay.

Concluding Thoughts

Hughesnet customers have several ways to manage their monthly billing statements and pay their bills. Even if you are looking to pay your bill via customer service, there are multiple options to contact customer service as well.

However, the easiest and cost-saving option is to go for auto-pay and remove the hassle from their life. In case there are any problems or you have any billing concerns, you can reach out to customer service and get the issue resolved. If you don’t want to get your payment deducted automatically, you can also go for the option of online payments or making your payments via phone call.


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