Steps to apply liquid eyeliner

Steps to apply liquid eyeliner

Makeup is never complete without eye makeup. Applying eyeliner is the most crucial element for eye makeup. Eyeliner exists in many forms, and each form has its way of application.

With that said, liquid eyeliner is one such best makeup product to create many eye makeups types like graphic wings, cat eyes, and statement lines. While you might find it challenging at the start, but a little bit of practice can make you an expert in applying eyeliner.

So, if you are using or going to use liquid eyeliner, there are many techniques with which you can try. Each eye shape has its techniques, and you need to be a little patient before you master them.

Always go in for a brand product as it deals with eyes. You can also have a try with faces Canada eyeliner to get a good result. A liquid eyeliner comes in two types – brush tip and felt tip.

  • Brush tip liquid eyeliners have flexible and loose bristles like that of a paintbrush. Due to this reason, it takes more time to master for beginners to get the hang of it. But brush tips are excellent to create thick to thin lines and give various looks like elegant wings, soft and subtly lash lines.
  • Felt tip liquid eyeliners are stiffer than the brush tips. These eyeliners are ideal for creating intense and thick winged eyeliner. As the felt tip eyeliner’s tip is solid, it gives a higher colour payoff. Hence, it becomes easier for beginners.

Either of the eyeliner types depends on the look type that you are trying to create. With either of the types, the techniques to apply remains the same.

Let us see the ways to apply liquid eyeliner.

  • Stand before the mirror, take out the eyeliner and begin with the eyelid centre.
  • Draw a single line from the eyelid centre towards the eye’s outer corner.
  • The move on to draw a second line from the top of the eyelashes towards the eye’s outer corner.
  • Continue the process for a darker shade in case you require a more graphic or dramatic look.
  • Complete the process by setting the line with eyeshadow. Use a similar colour for eyeshadow and apply a few coats of mascara.

But there are a few common mistakes while applying eyeliner. Let us check with that as well.

  • A gap lying between your liner and lashes. A gap looks messy and an uneven application. To avoid this, you should take the liner as close to the eyelashes while applying.
  • The eyeliner flick is drooping too low. When the wing comes out droopy, it can pull the eye’s corner down. So, see that your flick does not dip beneath the lower lash line. As a best practice, draw a dot where the wing should end and then join it while applying.
  • After applying the eyeliner, forgetting to set it, is yet another mistake. If you struggle to dry it, it is worth to set it with a little translucent powder. As a best practice, you should allow the eyeliner to dry and then set it using a translucent powder on top. If you have oily eyelids, then this powder helps to prevent the eyeliner from smudging.
  • While you go in for a fat liner flick, it gives a good and cool look, at the same time, it tends to make your eyes heavy. It also makes them appear smaller than they are. if it gets thicker and you want to remove them, make use of a pointed cotton bud dipped in water to take out the excess eyeliner.
  • Another common mistake while applying eyeliner is the wing turning out to be too short. If your eyeliner wing is too short, it makes your eyes look smaller than they are. Look into a mirror and line the eyes, where you can see precisely as to where the wing goes to end.
  • Sometimes, the eyeliner wing isn’t sharp as it has to be. This is also a common mistake as blunt wing looks messy. If the eyeliner wing is not sharp, then remove the wing using a cotton bud dipped in water.

With these tips, go in to apply a perfect liquid eyeliner.


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