Trending Birthday Cake Ideas for Girls!

birthday cakes for kids

Girls are always precious to parents. They tend to leave no stone unturned to make their darling’s birthday special. No matter how old a daughter gets, she remains the little princess for her parents. Are you planning a party for your beloved princess’s birthday? And, a birthday party cannot be complete without a delicious cake! Are you wondering over the latest trends in cakes for girls? At Winni, you have to worry about anything. We are all here to present you with the most amazing ideas. Here you go!

Princess Doll Cake

Delight your princess on her special day with a Princess Doll Cake. Dolls are girls best friends, and nothing can beat the idea of princess doll cake to surprise your little girl with such a lovely cake. With this princess doll cake at your girl’s birthday, you would be able to make the party special for her. Moreover, your daughter’s friends too would love the cake, turning her day much more special.   It is just like a dream come actual cake for younger girls who spend much of their time whirling around dressed as their favorite princess. It can be made as a low in calorie, by not applying butter in the cake.

Charming Butterfly Cake

Celebrations are loved by kids particularly when they tend to be with friends and family out in the open. And when it is talked about outside parties, nature, the beauty of butterflies cannot be escaped.  Including dozens of colorful butterflies on the top, this is a perfect birthday cake for girls. The single tier cake has panache and fresh butter cream icing on top.


Trending Birthday Cake Ideas for Girls


The cake has a set of soft, moist sponge layers and can be baked in the flavor of your choice. The sponge layers are piled and put for freezing before icing. This cake is then coated with a light glaze and colorful butterflies and sugar flowers of vibrant colors. Your princess will fall in love with her name written in the middle of this lovely cake. It is quite a simple yet effective way of giving your little girl the cake of her dreams.


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Rainbow Layers Cake

This brilliantly colorful fulfilled cake featuring a cute look exteriorly and bright and fun rainbow layers on the inside has all the adjustments to delight a girl on her birthday. This cake features a real rainbow of cake layers inside too. It looks splendid when adorned with gorgeously colored, super bright and adorably shaped candies on it. Your sweetheart is absolutely going to love this cheery and colorful rainbow birthday cake.

Mermaid Cake

Your little girl’s birthday would be more magical with mermaid cake. Such a cake is not just visually stunning but delicious too. The colors involved are somewhat unique with pastel shades and with different touches of other unique shade. The beautiful lettering, the well-sculpted mermaid, the impressive age number on top, it’s quite a simple, yet elegant piece of design. Every tier of the cake is beautiful and pure love! These cakes are the ideal way to celebrate the little mermaid in your life!

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