Birthday Celebrations As per Religion


There are some occasions which are considered as the special time of the life which is usually celebrated yearly with joy. Occasions like wedding anniversaries, festivals and even birthday eves are considered one of them. It can be preferred as a token of love.

Generally, most of the people even celebrate birthdays of their religious figures as per their beliefs. For instance- Christian community celebrate birthday of Jesus Christ with joy. On this day which is 25th December is even an international holiday. Similarly, numerous people celebrate birthday of their loved ones. Most of the people also give treats to their close ones in return which they give birthday gift hampers UK.

Former years of birthday celebration:

Before centuries, birthday celebrations were started by the people residing in Greece. They had this idea of celebration from Egyptians as they used to celebrate ceremonies of their god and goddesses. Ancient Romans were the first community those who started celebrating birthdays of living human being. But somehow, they only celebrated this day for men community. Greeks also started adding candles to edible cakes. Contemporary birthday cakes were introduced by German bakers. Furthermore, with the advent of industrial revolution, production of cakes increased at a higher scale.

Introduction of birthday song:

In late 18th century, two song writers wrote a good morning song. It was sung by pupils before starting of their former lecture. The song gained immense popularity in America and people such it with various variations. Robert Coleman introduced a book in which he wrote the song with changes in lyrics. At the end, somehow happy birthday song got introduced which is still continued in parties.

People celebrate their special day as per their cultures and traditional ethics. Some of it is given here below:

  • ANCIENT ROME- People living in ancient Rome celebrates birthdays with joy. They offer each other generous presents along with hedonistic party events.
  • HINDUISM- People following Hindu religions celebrates their special occasions as per their lunar month or solar month. People usually celebrate their occasions in a different way. They lit up lamps and candles but blow them in the west direction. This is done so because they consider their child will remind to follow true paths of life. Surprisingly, Hindus also regard death anniversaries of their family members.
  • CHRISTIANITY- At first, Christians considered celebrating birthday evil within first century. With the passage of time they also started celebrating birthday of Jesus Christ in the 4th Slowly and steadily they changed their minds and started celebrations for living human beings too.
  • JUDAISM- Jewish birthday is also known as Hebrew birthday as it is according to the Hebrew calendar. This calendar is considered very sacred and auspicious in Jews. They believe that this calendar tells them exact birth date which is known as bar mitzvah in their language. On the contrary, date of death is known as bat mitzvah.

On the whole, it can be inferred from various sources that celebrating special occasions in life can be reason of happiness and fun. One can surprise or present their close ones with costly gifts and even cheap birthday hampers. Each and every gift item is available online as well as in market. Also, gift items as per specific interest and price range.


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