7 Ultimate Guide for Beginner’s To Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a marketing arrangement in which online retailers pay commission to third party websites. The external websites provide referrals that generate sales or traffic to the e-commerce store in exchange for the commission.

Affiliate marketing can earn you a lot of money as long as you know how to implement it well. As a result, we have so many people who would like to join this program. The secret is to make sure that you are using the right affiliate marketing strategies. Here are some tips that will help you set off as a beginner in affiliate marketing.

  1. Differentiate Between an Affiliate Marketer and Affiliate Marketing Merchant

Knowing the difference between these two terms will help you to understand affiliate marketing better. The affiliate marketing merchant is the product seller or creator. The affiliate marketer uses various platforms to help in marketing those products.

An affiliates marketing merchant has some products or services the he would like to sell to his target audience. The merchant can use some advertisers, promoters, and publishers to market the products for a fixed incentive.

The affiliate marketing program is what is used to implement this relationship. If you have exemplary advertising and marketing skills, the program can help you to generate some passive income. If your promotion makes people to purchase products from the merchant, you will earn some commission.

  1. Know the Affiliate Marketing’s’ Common Terms

It is hard to succeed in affiliate marketing unless you understand some of the common terms used in the industry. Affiliates are the marketers who use an affiliate program link to promote products and make sales.

The affiliate marketplace act like a central database for various affiliate programs in a specific niche. Examples of an affiliate market place are Clickbank, CJ, and Shareasale.

Companies use different tools and software to design the affiliate program. We refer to this as the affiliate software and an excellent example is iDevaffiliate.

An affiliate link is a tracking link that the affiliate program provides to track the progress of the marketers affiliate ads.

Affiliate programs provide a unique identification number for marketers to add to any pages of their product site. It is referred to as the affiliate ID and it is similar to the affiliate link.

The payment mode in affiliate marketing can be wire transfers, PayPal, or Cheque among others. Marketers will always earn an affiliate commission on all the sales that they bring in.

In 2 tier affiliate marketing, you allow other people to join your affiliate program and get commission when the sub-affiliate makes a sale. We refer to this commission as sub-affiliate commission.

A landing page is a unique product demo or sales page whose main purpose is to increase sales.  Lastly, link cloaking allows you to utilize a technique like URL shorteners to turn ugly URLs into readable ones.

  1. Choose the Product Type or Niche

You need to choose the type of product that you will be promoting through affiliate marketing. Therefore, you should be aware of the available product types to implement the right affiliate marketing strategies.

You can visit Amazon and select a category that best fits you. The secret is to choose a category that you have a lot of knowledge in. We refer to this process as ‘selecting a niche’ in affiliate marketing. Check sites like Amazon and Flipkart to know that rates of commission for various products.

  1. Create a Website and then Signup for an Affiliate Program

The website you create should assist you to channel your affiliate marketing campaign. Web creation is a powerful way of promoting affiliate links. Apart from targeting audiences, the site should inform them in a credible manner.

When you use credibility to establish relationships, it will create anticipation in your audience’s mind about the products and services you are selling. It will be easy for them to buy the products and service that you are recommending.

After you create the website, you can now sign up for the affiliate marketing program. Go for the one that offers the best commission in the products that you choose. You do this by signing up on the various e-commerce sites.

  1. Add Your Affiliate Link to Your Blog or Website

After signing up for an affiliate program, you need to add your affiliate link to your website or blog. The first thing you need to do is login to your affiliate program such as Amazon.

Enter a product name, search term, or keyword to search for a product. Once you get a product of your choice, click on ‘get link’ for the product. Paste this link to the HTML editor of your website.

  1. Write Content about the Products

Writing content about your affiliate marketing products will help you to promote them. Some common types of content include discount or offer articles, content curation and comparison articles.

You can also do the review articles and ‘how to’ tutorials. Make sure you follow the SEO guidelines when marketing your products online.

  1. Build a Relationship with Your Target Audience and Get Targeted Traffic

When developing an affiliate marketing strategy, you should know the various ways to develop a relationship with your target audience. Patiently follow these strategies to generate income online. It will take you some time before your affiliate marketing site begins to generate income.

Learning to create and maintain relationships will help you improve the performance of your affiliate marketing campaign. Some of the methods to use in attracting your target audience include free advertising, paid advertising, email marketing, article marketing, and social media marketing.

It will not be hard to earn affiliate income once you build a stable relationship with your target audience. The secret is to use the right affiliate marketing strategies and you will be on the right track.


Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to generate income online. However, you cannot succeed unless you implement the right affiliate marketing strategies.

The above steps will help you to implement a successful affiliate marketing program. You need to learn to be consistent in your efforts and patient as you wait for your initiative to bear fruits.


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