What to Buy for an Emergency-Ready Pantry

What to Buy for an Emergency-Ready Pantry

A study conducted by the European Academies’ Science Advisory Council reveals that extreme weather events have become more frequent in the last 36 years. The world has witnessed both severe and unseasonal weather.

In 2017 and 2018, there were surprisingly heavy winter rains in the Middle East, which led to widespread flooding, power interruptions, and disruptions to people’s routines. The tremendous rainfall caused traffic and the shutdown of rail systems. The dangerous situation outdoors left people stranded in their homes for days, running out of food to eat.

That being said, it is crucial for every household to be properly prepared for the occurrence of extreme weather. Otherwise, family members could get sick even in the safety of their homes.

Choosing Smart When Stocking Up

One of the most important things to do to prepare for any emergency situation is to stock the pantry with the right products.

An abundant pantry will not be much help if its contents, such as sweet potatoes (never eat sweet potatoes raw) and cake mixes, are not ready to eat. You need food and beverages that you can consume without having to cook or combine them with other ingredients.

To help you create a truly emergency-ready pantry, here is a list of food and drinks to stock up on to ensure that your household is assured of steady sustenance in dire situations.


Sports drinks

Gatorade, Pocari Sweat, and other popular energy drinks are good to have in your pantry in preparation for a storm or hurricane. These are great sources of carbohydrates to provide you with the energy you need, along with electrolytes.

Also, should someone suffer from an upset stomach or catch a fever, these beverages would work better than plain water in preventing dehydration.

Bottled water

Water is the most crucial drink to have in preparing for an emergency. So plan to purchase bottled water wholesale in advance. You will need water to add to food, keep you hydrated, and as a cleaning solution.

*It’s worth noting that the large plastic bottles that these drinks come in can be used as DIY floatation devices in the event of extreme flooding.



Not only are apples loaded with essential nutrients that keep the doctor away, but they can last several weeks in a dry and cool place. They make perfect snacks and even complete meals when you find yourself trapped in your house during a power outage because of the awful weather outside.

Canned fish

Canned tuna and sardines do not need cooking and they are fantastic sources of protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Plus, should your flashlights run out of battery, and you also forget to buy some candles for a power outage, you can use the oil (make sure you have a string to serve as a wick) from your Chefmate canned tuna or sardines as an alternative source of light.

Cereals or cornflakes

Cereals or corn flakes make great meal substitutes during emergency situations. You can just eat them as they are (if you do not have milk) to provide your body with the energy it needs. Also, these keep for a long time and can be eaten even without utensils.

Chocolate bars

These may not be the healthiest food to eat, but they will give you energy and keep you full for a long time when you cannot have a proper meal.

Crackers and biscuits

These slim substitutes for bread usually have high fat content and they can stay in the pantry for a long time. Also, they are a great source of fiber, which is crucial in making you feel full much longer. You can easily pair crackers and biscuits with tuna for a more filling meal.

Dried or dehydrated fruits

Raisins, mangoes, coconuts, pears, peaches, and other packed dehydrated fruits make good snacks when you cannot have a proper meal yet. They have diverse nutrients and are perfect candy substitutes.

Nuts and seeds

Apart from having a long shelf-life, nuts and seeds are valuable ingredients to stock up on for an emergency-ready pantry because they do not require cooking. These ingredients make the perfect snacks and you can buy a whole bag of them to last your family for days.

You can also mix these into soups or salads, and create a trail mix along with the different crackers, dried fruits, and chocolate pieces you may have on hand.

Peanut butter

The favorite spread and snack of champions is another fantastic source of protein and fats. You can eat it by itself, or as a dip for your apples, or as a spread for your crackers and biscuits. You may have to refrigerate a jar of peanut butter after opening, but this should not be too big of a problem when it’s cold and pouring heavily outside.

These are the best products to have in your pantry during extreme weather. None of them require special preparations to be consumed. When hunger and thirst strike during difficult and destructive circumstances, such as power and water outages and flooding, all you really have to do is pop open these pantry items, and proceed to eat or drink.


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