Sunscreen : Your Skin’s Best Friend In Summers

Sunscreen Your Skin’s Best Friend In Summers

In summers, Sunscreen is your skins best friend. It is vital for your skin health because it gives your skin protection against deadliest ultraviolet rays. You can ask any dermatologist, and they will suggest you to wear sunscreen while going out, as consistent sun protection is the most important thing we can do for the long-term health of our skin.

Undeniably, ultraviolet radiations damage skin cells every time we step out in the daylight. The intense UVB rays that cause summertime sunburns is highly damaging for skin health because the deep penetration of UVA light can cause significant cellular damage.

Despite wearing protective hats and avoid peak sun hours, it is very difficult to protect your skin against UVB & UVA rays without the help of a broad-spectrum SPF 30+ sunscreen. You can buy it from any best online shopping store to avoid the hassle of the shops.

Sunscreen Helps In Skin Cancer Prevention

According to the Michigan research, exposure to sun’s ultraviolet radiation accounts for approximately 80-90% of all skin cancer. Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in America that affects one in every five people. However, to our amazement, sunscreen has shown the tendency to lower the risk of the three most common kinds of cancers such as squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma, and melanoma-the deadliest type.

Sunscreen Is Effective

No doubt,sunscreen is very effective for skin care. However, it is very inconvenient to applysunscreen after every two hours, as it may last for a few hours if we have been sweating or swimming. Moreover, it can lower our level vitamin D level, if we show a consistent attitude towards its application, like after every two hours. Thankfully, very few of us are that consistent with sunscreen application.

Besides, direct UV exposure is not the safest mode for vitamin D intake. However, international sunscreens have the capacity to protect your skin against UVA light compared to US formulas. Irrespective of the challenges faced by the sunscreens, it still does help to protect skin against ultraviolet damage. However, the most common reason for the skin burn is that we might not slather on enough amount of sunscreen on our skin. Moreover, either we do not choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen with at least SPF 30 or we do not apply it often.

Tight Regulation Of Sunscreen In The USA

While much of the world considers sunscreen as a beauty product; however, the FDA categorizes them as a drug and making them subject to more scrutiny and regulation in our country. Because of some substandard sunscreens,lawsuits have been initiated against the companies for selling such product that is unsafe.

Many companies have been charged under the umbrella of product liability because of selling unsafe products to the consumers that have caused damaged to them on so many levels. That is a fundamental reason why Americans lag behind other nations in offering effective and safe ingredients for skin care protection, especially those that guard against UVA radiations.

Sunscreens- Considered A Safe Product

Sunscreens are normally considered safe for skin because of the mildest ingredients such as titanium oxide and zinc oxide, which are labeled by the FDA as “GRASE.” These mild protectors are often found in sunscreens labeled as pure, mineral, and sensitive.

According to the sunscreen innovation act, the FDA requested an updated review of research on 12 UV filtering ingredients to ensure that labeling, regulations, and safety profiles are up to date with the latest scientific research. However, most scientist and physicians have not considered these elements harmful based on scientific data to date.

However, two sunscreen elements such as trolamine salicylate and PABA are not safe and effective as declared by the FDA, and that is the reason why so many US sunscreen products are being phased out.

Sunscreen-Most Powerful Anti-Aging Cream

Undeniably, sunscreen is the most powerful anti-aging cream in the world. It helps to guard against fine lines, spots, wrinkles, visible blood vessels, irregular skin texture, and collagen. In addition to this, it helps against preventing skin cancers and pre-cancers.

Conclusion : Precisely, sunscreens are women’s skin care best friend as they are providing protection against the dangerous UV rays. These rays have the tendency to cause skin cancers in the event of deep penetration. However, with the proper dose usage of sunscreen, it can save you from many dangerous diseases.

Besides, it also worked as the best skin anti-aging product. Because of certain harmful elements, FDA has categorized it into a drug that to banning in many counties as they are emerging as potential product liability. As per dermatologists, the controversies against sunscreen does not hold any ground as it is still an important, helpful,and relevant product that is protecting the long-term health and beauty of our skin.


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