Buying a Coffin Online: Colors, Materials & Styles To Choose From

Buying a Coffin Online: Colors, Materials & Styles To Choose From

A funeral is a time to remember your loved one’s life, personality, and unique contributions.  

Aside from its function to protect the body for burial, a coffin and its customized features can help tell the story of a loved one who has recently left this world.  You want the coffin to best reflect your loved one’s life and to represent the colors and styles that they loved most. 

If you’re looking for coffins for sale online, you can select from a pre-made coffin that you believe reflects your loved one or design your own customized coffin, or visit the site to learn more.

The Best Materials for a Coffin

The two most common materials for a coffin are wood and metal.  Wood coffins come in a variety of types of wood, but most commonly mahogany or oak.  They also come in more economical versions made of pine.  Metal coffins are usually made of stainless steel.  These coffins are very sturdy and are the most customizable for color and fabric.  

Choose the Color of your Metal Coffin

Though wood coffins are generally stained with the standard color for the type of wood, metal caskets come in a wide range of colors, from classic brown, gray, and white to pink, purple, and blue.  If you customize the coffin for sale instead of selecting a pre-made option, you can also choose different colors for the various exterior panels. Purchasing a coffin in your loved one’s favorite color could be a wonderful way to honor them.  

Choose the Cloth and Interior

Coffins come lined with cloth or unlined.  For pre-made options, the cloth interior will come pre-selected based on the color of the outside of the coffin and the model of coffin you choose.  For example, if you want a more luxurious satin interior on the coffin, you will want to choose a model series of coffin that has that feature.  If you’re designing a coffin yourself, crepe is usually the default cloth with options to upgrade.

Choose Your Designs

Customized designs are found stitched into the cloth on the lid, so that the design faces outward when the coffin is opened.  Some options for customized designs include religious symbols, mother/father, military insignia, career symbols, or floral embellishments.  These options can give the coffin for sale the added significance of representing an important part of your loved ones’ life.

On the outside of the coffin, you can customize the handle type and metal, choosing from silver, gold, and copper.  You can also specify the gauge of the stainless-steel coffin and decide if you would like extra features like a gasket sealer.

Find Coffins for Sale Online

Shopping for coffins online is easier than going to an establishment and allows you to browse a wide variety of coffins or design your own to make sure it’s perfect.  Customizing a coffin for sale online allows you to take your time to create the best reflection of your loved one’s life. When you order a coffin online, it ships directly to you or the funeral home in just a few days, to ensure that it is ready in time for funeral services.

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