Top Productivity Apps that Helps You Do More In Less

Productivity Apps To Help You Do More In Less

Find here the list of best Productivity Apps that Helps You Do More In Less

The world has always been obsessed with productivity. Everyone looks to get things done quickly with less effort, improve time management, and lead a productive and fulfilling life. People spend too much time with their phones that they should be investing in work, family, and friends.

What if we could…

Turn these powerful devices in our pockets, to some good use?

Convert our phones into something more helpful, rather than a distraction?

Use our phones to make our lives easier, rather than worse?

Of course, we can..

Smartphones, because of its effectiveness, have become a vital part of our lives. Smartphones have come a long way to help us remain productive all day long. But it really does matter what kind of apps do you have in your phone and how they are being utilized?

That’s the reason, the mobile tech portals like MobileAppDaily are breaking their backs to keep you updated on recent happenings in the mobile applications world and help you get the best out of these mobile applications.

Here, we have come up with a list of tried and tested, best productivity apps that can actually make your day productive and shoot up you efficiency. So, without further ado, let’s dive into that.

# Trello

The app with customisable boards, cards, and lists, apt for the people working together, helps in getting the tasks done in no time. Trello, the project management app, makes projects more enjoyable, and less stressful.

You can break down different phases of the project into smaller chunks, including different tasks, create separate card for every task and arrange them into different columns. Then you can easily drag the card from one column to another, as the task gets finished.

Trello is one of the best task management apps, which can eliminate the need of creating task sheets and emailing them among the people within the team, and keeps everyone posted about the status and progress of the tasks.

Some striking features of Trello

Creation of boards for organising tasks;

Task prioritization;

Progressive workflow;

Task due dates;

Offline support and many more.

# Todoist

One of the best best ‘to do’ apps, is Todoist, which keeps track of your goals on a daily basis. This productivity app ranks among the top in the list of best productivity management apps, and offers intuitive UI with different easy to navigate features.

You get ‘Todoist Karma’ for every task you complete, and it sums up to indicate your overall progress. When you jot down all the tasks you need to do, the app automatically interprets them, and categorise the tasks for you.

Todoist can be also used to track team tasks and projects. It is not only a personal productivity app. You can add multiple people, assign responsibilities to them, discuss details, and keep track of timelines.

Some striking features of Todoist

Critical deadlines reminder;

Assign tasks to people working on the same project;

Monitors daily, weekly, and monthly accomplishments;

Real-time sync of tasks on multiple devices;

Integration of more than 60 other tools for better productivity, and many more.


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# Slack

Slack is a communication app, usually used in corporates because of its enormous number of features, feasibility, and ease of use. Even major corporations, like Capital One, Target, Oracle, etc. use this app on a regular basis, as it gives an incredible boost to the productivity.

Email is good for lots of things, but Slack has the capability to replace it. Disadvantages of email is that it’s cumbersome to converse with your colleagues over mail, and the messages get buried beneath a bunch of other emails.

Slack makes corporate communications neat, organised, and searchable. You can create separate channels for different departments, projects, and clients. You can easily join the relevant conversations, and leave the unnecessary ones.

Some striking features of Slack

Best email alternative;

Sharing of documents, images, gifs, videos;

Encrypt mode of Conversations;

Video chat for team meetings;

Additional tools like Google Drive, Dropbox, SalesForce, etc. can be integrated. Also you can check the Salesforce doc gen for generating documents in salesforce.

Different channels for clients, and many more.

# Fantastical

Fantastical is not any random calendar app. It has some elements that makes it stand out of the crowd. It is one of the best time management apps, and the best part about Fantastical is that you need not write down anything. It is compatible with Siri and can work over voice commands, which is a big plus for iPhone users. Just say it and Fanatical will add that to your calendar.

The voice assistance is fully compatible with iOS 12 and other updated versions. With this, you get additional features like alerts, reminders of your added things, through iOS notification center. It also supports infographic watch faces. All these features make it one of the best ‘to do’ list app for iphone.

Unfortunately, Fantastical is not available in Android but the similar app for Android users which supports voice inputs, is SolCalendar.

Some striking features of Fantastical

Supports multiple languages;

TextExpander support;

Display event’s location on maps;

3-D touch support;

Accessibility support and many more.


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# Camscanner

CamSacnner is again one of the ‘must have’ productivity apps which helps users to scan anything on the go. It eliminates the need of having a physical scanner. It can scan, sync, store, various types of content on smartphones and tablets.

It comes with different types of scanning modes, suitable for scanning and creating different types of documents like, PPTs, Docs, PDF, ID Card, etc. The CamScanner helps in optimising the quality of the files, extracting text from images, and even allows users to edit the scanned documents.

Some striking features of CamScanner

Optimized scanning quality;

Digitization of documents;

Various scanning formats like PDF, Doc, JPEG, ID card, etc,

Sharing of documents;

Security of important docs, and many more.


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