What Kind of Carpet Cleaners Do Professionals Use?

What Kind of Carpet Cleaners Do Professionals Use

A clean carpet is something everyone can appreciate. But to keep it looking fresh and inviting, you need the right cleaners and tools. For instance, Zerorez – a provider of professional Carpet Cleaning services – champions their patented non-toxic cleaning formula, which has revolutionized the carpet cleaning industry, allowing carpets to stay cleaner for longer while resisting dirt and stains. 

But what kind of carpet cleaners do such professionals use to keep carpets looking sparkling? Truth be told, if they let you in on their trade secrets, they would be out of business in no time. What’s to stop you from buying the same cleaners and DIYing it?

Generally, professionals use specialized cleaners, most of which the average Jane or Joe will not have in their cleaning arsenals. They are designed to attack dirt and stains at the molecular level, breaking them down completely without leaving behind residue. 

What’s more, the machines they use are quite powerful. They typically use high-pressure steam and suction to penetrate carpets, deeply removing stubborn dirt. The machines also sport a range of attachments, such as steamers, enabling them to reach tight and hard-to-reach areas and spot-treat problem areas such as stairs or other high-traffic corridors. All the same, the carpet cleaning products they use fall into the following categories:

1. Pre-Treatments

These products lay the groundwork for a deep cleaning job, if we may. Pros use them to break down dirt and stubborn stains before they start their main cleaning process. After separating the dirt from the carpet’s fiber, the pre-treatment makes it easier for other cleaning solutions to do their thing. 

2. Powder

If your service provider offers dry cleaning services, they’ll use powder-based carpet cleaners. The pros spray it on the carpet and with a vacuum cleaner, suck up dirt, grime, or debris – meaning you don’t have to worry about drying time.

They may also dissolve it in water or a cleaning agent and apply it with a mop or other water-based cleaning approach. Hot water extraction techniques also use powder solutions to remove spots and stains. 

3. Shampoos

If you need serious dirt-busting action, shampoos are a go-to option. Whether you’re dealing with pet dander, mud stains, oils, or plain ol’ grime – you can find a commercial shampoo to tackle it all. 

Carpet shampoos are usually self-agitating. This means they don’t need a scrubber or brush to break down dirt and grime. They also work well on stains that have set in, making them an ideal solution for neglected carpets. 

But beware: if you’re shopping for shampoo, read the instructions first. Otherwise, you risk turning your carpet’s fibers into a big, mushy mess. Plus, some products can be corrosive, so use them with extra care. 

3. Enzymes

When dealing with organic matter, biological enzymes often do the trick. Professionals use them to break down dirt that accumulates on carpets over time. They also work well in conjunction with other products to boost their effectiveness. For instance, combining a stain remover with an enzyme-based product can help deal with tough spots quickly. 

What’s more, enzymes help get rid of pesky odors. Thus, if the smell from your carpet is threatening to bring down the mood in the room, you can turn to enzymes – nature’s helpers designed to combat stubborn stains.

4. Sprays

Picture this; you spill some coffee on your newish carpet. What’s a person to do? Must you clean the entire carpet? Not if you have a commercial carpet cleaner spray handy. 

These products are designed to target problem areas and offer quick-drying cleaning solutions. Simply spritz on some of the stuff on the problem area, allow it to work its magic, and then vacuum it up. Voila! Your carpet is back in business- thanks to a specialty spray.

5. Liquids

Liquids are a popular choice for deep-cleaning carpets. Professionals use concentrated formulations, foam solutions, and water to deliver a powerful deep-cleaning action. These liquids are applied to the carpet’s surface and penetrate deeply into its fibers to remove stubborn dirt. 

For instance, some professional carpet cleaners use truck-mounted steam cleaning machines. These powerful, high-powered units inject hot water deep into carpets to loosen up dirt and stains before extracting them with a powerful vacuum. The hot water also helps kill bacteria and other allergens. 

Others use a variation of this technique, applying a small amount of liquid to the carpet’s surface and then using a special vacuum cleaner to suck it up. For instance, Zerorez’s powerful yet residue-free cleaner ensures faster drying time. 

The carpet cleaners above exemplify the kind of treatments professional cleaning services offer. Look for experienced providers with the right cleaners and equipment for a spotless and well-maintained carpet. Otherwise, having the right cleaners without the know-how or expertise won’t guarantee quality results. 


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