How Chatbots Can Get You Conversions

How Chatbots Can Get You Conversions

Technology nowadays is a powerful tool that can help your business grow or can make your business run more efficiently and can help you in many ways, not only in business but also in our daily lives. There is a certain technology (refer to that can help your business gain more conversions, minimizing your manpower(save some operation cost or replying or giving information faster than the old one) when inquiring or searching regarding products or services.

What is ChatBot?

Chatbot is a service run by command rules and sometimes by AI(Artificial Intelligence) to interact with people/user via chats(What’s app, facebook messenger, text, slack, etc..). It is an automated service that performs automated tasks (in a certain category via chats). It can converse with human/user to answer/give an idea to the user to help them get what they want or answer their query in a fast and efficient way.

There are two types of chatbots

Command Base

AI Bots

Command base – is a chatbot function that has a predefined rules/program then can answer limited queries on a certain category. The user needs to choose an option(predefined) to answer their query.

AI Bots – is a chatbot function that has a Natural Language and Machine learning to understand the user’s language(Siri and Google) that are intelligent enough to learn/understand from conversation with the user.

How Chatbots Can Get You Conversions Rate and Provide Advantage

Chatbot already spread out and serving in the digital marketplace, like for example ( Query for information regarding online booking, check-in for flight, send money or making appointment via chatbot). Chatbot can save time and effort for both the company and the user by having an automating customer support (most of the people are already using online messaging, video chat and video services).

This year, more than 70% of customer interaction was handled without human to human contact. Chatbot can give details for doing works 24/7 without human interaction, this can save a lot of effort and time for both business and its user as it is efficient as a human interaction. Users spend most of their time chatting /using online Application(facebook messenger and whatsapp) which lead to using to a fewer than 7 application per day which most of the business is taking advantage of this and made an obvious choice to continue personalization and find advantages for their business.

This opportunity was provided by chatbots system going far beyond with their query as fast as possible and hassle less. Chatbot can be used as collecting information, can organize meeting and even reducing the head cost which most of the business engage in this procedure. With technology evolving and most of the people spend time on their phone using(facebook, twitter, and other apps) it’s no wonder they are taking advantage of this because it’s growing exponentially.

In terms of conversion using chatbot, here are some but not limited main factors that motivate and engaging to use chatbots(user and business) are:

  • Productivity
  • Curiosity
  • The Value of Chatbots
  • Entertainment
  • Weather Bot
  • NewsBot
  • Smart Chatbots

Productivity – provides the user of information needs as well as it’s assistance quickly and efficient

Curiosity – expanding the knowledge of technology, there are some many wants to explore their ability which creates an opportunity to try that they haven’t tried yet.

The Value of Chatbots – Chatbot response fast rather than human interaction not always successful but at least give the user/customer the basic understanding that they need. Many people want to gather information as soon as possible to decide what to do or maybe where to go, this is the main selling of chatbots as they give instant access to information they need.

Entertainment – Chatbot can also give entertainment to the user it can also help then kill time when they are bored or have nothing to do.

Weather Bot – Chatbot can give information about the weather whenever they need

NewsBot – Giving access to latest news and other information needed

Smart Chatbox – some country like China has a chatbot called xiaoice which built by Microsoft that over 15 million people talk to. There is also a scheduling bot that can sent a schedule meeting on facebook messenger.


The range of possibility of chatbot is growing day by day, gather information nowadays is easy thanks to our advanced technology. You never know or predict what the user wants or what’s on their mind/plan, chatbots may help them and your company to gather information on both side(it’s a win-win situation) although chatbots are not always successful but in terms of giving/gathering basic information, chatbot can be reliable to the user/customer and the business owner.

Chatbot is not perfect but still growing, there are many possible opportunities in terms of technology. Chatbot services is growing day by day as many programmers take this opportunity to them.           Many businesses are now engaging in these services and still growing at a rapid rate. They are now taking advantage of this, it is not perfect but still effective in this moderns days where technology is everywhere.


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