How To Choose Bluetooth Earphones (Full Guide)

How To Choose Bluetooth Earphones (Full Guide)

How much should I spend?

There are earphones available at various prices, but you do not have to pay for cheap bluetooth earphones. There are only a few earphones under 2000 that we liked almost completely as they have sounded, we believe you can find a good pair of better earphones for less than 500. However, if you have a tight budget we recommend that you look for those that have a good quality in relation to the money you spend.

What technology do you need?

When you consider buying Bluetooth earphones sometimes you want them for some specific uses. Although there are many options for technologies that call themselves necessary in the market, it does not mean that you need them. Good earphones will be those that fit your needs, but this does not mean that you have to pay a lot.

So, what earphones to buy and with what technology? The ones that are used the most are noise reduction as well as Bluetooth.

Sound insulation

It is tempting to try to expel external noise such as traffic by increasing the volume of the earphones but this may, in the long run, disturb others or above all damage your hearing. The best solution is to invest in a pair of earphones with sound cancellation or sound isolation so you can enjoy your songs at lower volumes.

With this, you can eliminate the surrounding sound and have better sound quality than those that simply have noise cancellation.

Some earphones use AAA batteries while others have rechargeable batteries. Of course, these are not the cheapest either.


You wonder, is it worth it that the earphones are Bluetooth?

Wireless earphones let you listen to music without having to be attached via cables to the audio source. This makes them perfect in some situations like listening to music in the gym while the threads get in your way. Although there are also other wireless technologies such as radio or infrared, we recommend Bluetooth for audio quality, reduced battery consumption and distance from the source device.

What makes Bluetooth earphones good?

There are two basic factors (regardless of price, of course) that must be taken into account.

Quality sound. Like the speakers, the best wireless earphones will bring you a complete and balanced sound between trembling, mid-range and bass frequency. Most escape producing a good bass, but other earphones above the ears produce a rich and rich audio.

Best Bluetooth earphones have open earmuffs as well as closed. The open ones offer a more natural sound than the closed ones, but they tend to let some background sound pass. The closed ones may sound a bit not quite clear but they are good for preventing the sound we don’t want and blocking the noise.

The best way to try on earphones is simply by using them. If you go to a specialized store you can find different models to prove which type you like best, closed or open.

Comfort to carry them

Whether you want to wear earphones every day or occasionally, comfort is something that should always be taken into account among the wireless earphones you are going to buy. Some in-ear feel good, but if you plan to use them for long periods, you may be more interested in looking at the headband type as these offer better comfort in these cases.

What else do I have to know to buy the best Bluetooth earphones?

Remember that price is not the most important when you want to buy one of these. What will determine the best Bluetooth earphones for each user will depend on the personal use you want to give and also on the budget and comfort you have.


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