Reasons To Choose Java For Web Application Development

Reasons To Choose Java For Web Application Development

The Java programming language was specially created for the development of network applications and has all the tools to implement dynamic data exchange between the components of a distributed application. Therefore, Java is best suited for developing software for remote diagnostics, monitoring and control. How is java used in web development by Dataxdev java development company is below.

To work with software solutions in the Java language that provide web-based access to technological data, only a standard web browser with Java support must be installed on the client’s computer from special software. In addition, Java-based solutions have the following advantages.

Java is a relatively simple programming language. Automatic memory management, the absence of multiple inheritance and pointers contributes to the rapid creation of reliable program code.

Java bytecode is largely operating system or processor independent. This allows Java applications to be easily ported to other platforms.

Using JNI and CORBA technologies, communication with objects created in other programming languages ​​can be realized.

Compared to other software solutions (for example, Remote Scripting), a web-based Java application that uses sockets for communication allows for a faster response time when notifying the client. The disadvantage of this exchange method is, however, the use of a TCP port with a non-standard number.

Another disadvantage of Java is that in order to run Java applications efficiently, the user’s system must have sufficient computing power, especially when working with applications that contain complex user interfaces with dot net development company. Why use java development company? There are many reasons.

Here are main reasons why Java is still so good:


Java has been one of the top three most popular languages ​​for nearly two decades. During this time, solutions have been developed for almost any area. Internet of Things, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing – Java can do it all. 

Lots of educational resources

Java is not the easiest language in terms of syntax. But that is more than offset by a ton of free courses and books on every topic imaginable. You don’t even need to ask questions on Stack Overflow, a lot is answered in advance. 

Active use by business

TIOBE ranks Java as the most popular language among IT companies. The number of open vacancies confirms this. Investing time in language learning ensures that the acquired skill can be converted into money.

Large and reliable community

Since we rarely encounter unique challenges in development, the community can help save a ton of time. Whatever you are faced with, surely someone has already solved this problem. It is enough to google the required libraries.


In 2018, Oracle strained programmers with the announcement that the Oracle JDK is becoming a paid for use in production. In fact, Java remained free for everyone, it is just now necessary to be more careful about the distribution kit used.

Cobol of the XXI century

In the context of talking about the relevance of Java, the comparison with Cobol seems ridiculous. The fact is that the Cobol language is over 60 years old, and vacancies with it are still appearing on the market. After all, you need to support working projects.

Complete platform

Java is also a popular JVM virtual machine that powers other modern languages. For example Scala, Groovy and Kotlin. They brought functional programming and Null security to Java.


There is a myth in the IT community that Java is much slower than C or C ++. At the start, the JVM was really slow. Today, optimizations for the needs of the enterprise have increased the performance of the Java ecosystem by orders of magnitude.

Java is evolving rapidly

For 11 years after the JDK took over Oracle, the pace of development left a lot to be desired. But starting with Java 9, Oracle has pledged to release a major update every 6 months and has been successfully maintaining the pace for three years now. Therefore, you can safely count on the language’s compliance with development trends.

Rich standard API

Java comes with extensive tooling out of the box. Without installing additional libraries, you can: create a GUI, use multithreading, control input and output streams, work with the network, access databases, etc. All fundamental aspects of programming.


Of course, the choice of languages ​​is huge. You can go in the direction of fashion trends or delve into the jungle of low-level programming, but you cannot deny the fact that Java will be useful in a developer’s arsenal. 


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