How to Choose Shapewear According to Clothing You Wear

How to Choose Shapewear According to Clothing You Wear

Earlier, in the pre-modern era, shapewear was considered to be an item of clothing that could be worn outside the house – such as a corset. Today, however, shapewear is much preferred to be worn underneath everyday clothing. But with the influx of a plethora of different types of shapewear in the market, how does one know how to choose the exact shapewear they need? Is it the high waisted thong shapewear? Or a thong full body shaper? Or is it a thong bodysuit shaper? When you’re spoilt for choices, the best way to choose your shapewear item is to see if they compliment your outfit of the day.

Firstly, focus on the occasion and the outfit; after that, choose the right shapewear accordingly. After choosing your piece of clothing, the next order of business is to figure out your correct shapewear size.

Things to Note While Figuring Out the Right Shapewear Size For Yourself

  • At all costs, avoid tight-fitting shapewear that suffocates you.
  • Opt for a more comfortable size.
  • Use the brand-specific measuring tape rather than your own, to measure your shape. (this is important as different brands have their own size definitions)
  • Or, go for a brand that has universal size measurements.
  • In case, the brand doesn’t have a measuring tape available online; they might have measurement guidelines for each product in their footnotes.


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You Can Choose Your Shapewear Based on the clothing:

Clothing can generally be categorized into a few different categories, such as:

  • Daily Wear Shapewear

There is a huge variety of shapewear ranges, some are made for special occasions, and others are made for regular everyday usage. Using regular wear can give one a sense of confidence and allow room to slim and slick each day. Get shapewear that has standard compression and makes for comfortable wear. This standard compression makes sure that one can wear the shapewear the entire day and won’t be uneasy at all. These can be worn easily under one’s camisole, tops, jeans, pants, etc.

  • Bridal Shapewear

Weddings are a frenzy filled time to prepare oneself to look their best. Getting in and out of various pre-wedding parties, reception, rehearsal dinners looking like a thousand bucks will now be easier with special bridal shapewear. Many brides now take the time to create their shapewear bridal trousseau. With this, they look confident, have the extra support needed to carry themselves on their big day. Make sure to use shapewear that makes use of great airy and lightweight, compression wear that is seamless.

  • Party Wear Shapewear

Apart from daily wear and wedding wear, the other kind of clothing that one buys is party wear. Generally, party wear is figure-hugging dresses. These party wear dresses are already tight enough to wear. There is no point in adding any more pressure to make it even tighter with the help of tight shapewear. Instead, you should go for a party wearing shapewear that feels comfortable, tucks in the tummy, and hides away all the love handles. Wearing high waisted thong shapewear can be a choice that you make while wearing a party wear clothing. Using them will give a beautiful transforming curve to one’s waist. They can also be worn with short clothes. Alternatively, you can use a thong bodysuit shaper as well. On the hand, if you are not wearing a short dress but would rather wear a long gown like clothing, then the best shapewear for you might be the invisible control shorts with a high waist tummy cincher.

These are the few ways in which you can determine the right shapewear to your liking & clothing! Choose appropriately!


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