4 Common Errors That Rookie Content Creators Make

4 Common Errors That Rookie Content Creators Make

When you are new in the content creation game, you may commit common mistakes while honing your craft. Fret not and do not feel demoralised! Instead, continue what you are doing and study hard to hone your craft. Take note of these common errors pointed out by experts from a professional digital marketing agency. If you know what to avoid, you can strengthen your content to reach a wider audience base.

Sticking to Only One Content Format

Back in the good old days, companies had no choice but to place ads in magazines or newspapers or use spots on TV and radio. However, this modern era means you can use more channels than the old media. Now, instead of just sticking to one content format, you can use:

  • Website content
  • Blog entries
  • Online videos
  • Memes
  • Gifs

Also, don’t forget to target distribution channels like search engines, social media, and email listings.

Writing for Search Engines and Not People

Any professional from a digital marketing agency will tell you that Google crawls your content, looks at keywords, and assesses the site structure. Therefore, using the right contextual clues and phrases for your niche will help your page rank. 

However, don’t make the rookie mistake of merely writing to please search engines. Remember, people are not robots. If you want to create a positive impression and see loads of engagement, keep your human audience at the forefront when creating your content. Focus on giving them value and making materials that resonate with their mind and heart. 

Targeting a Broad Audience

Casting a net with no audience in mind yields terrible results. If you neglect to define your target market, your content will not create the impact you want. To assure quality content, research your market first to make educated choices. Find out their:

  • Demographics
  • Pain points and needs 
  • Lifestyle preferences
  • Where they hang out

With the right approach, you can craft well-curated posts and release them at the right time and place. However, if you do not know the preferences of your audience, it is virtually impossible to create materials that will catch and retain their elusive attention. With the help of a digital marketing agency, you can find out personas and use tailored language that is timely and relevant to your market. 

Failing to Find the Right Balance to Promote Content

Though you don’t want your infographics, emails, blogs, or videos to look like glorified sales pitches, you also want them to serve their purpose: to promote your brand successfully. Newbies often fail to find the balance of releasing engaging content with subtle advertising elements. 

On top of that, whether you are managing a new website or an old one, you must promote your content for better traffic and visibility. You can try the following:

  • Boost posts
  • Pay for FB ads
  • Write guest posts
  • Do X-deals
  • Create link backs and back links

Try different methods to effectively promote your content because sticking to organic material is never enough in this highly competitive world. If you truly want to enhance your content marketing efforts, you must think and work like a pro.


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