4 Common Pitfalls When Buying Bed Linens & How to Avoid Them

4 Common Pitfalls When Buying Bed Linens & How to Avoid Them

On average, people spend more than a third of their lives in bed; even more, if you love to take naps or binge watch Netflix movies or series. Thus, it makes sense to invest in buying quality bedding.

According to experts, you must replace your pillows after two years and your linens every two years. These homewares are considered essential, considering that their quality also affects your sleep. So, you must ensure to replace these bedding essentials to improve your sleep quality if you are having trouble getting eight to nine hours of sleep a night.

The problem is, not all bed linens are not created equal. It is where most consumers encounter different obstacles when buying bed linens. Most consumers often encounter purchasing pitfalls that ruin their investment in these essentials.

Your bed is considered one of the most important personal spaces and part of your home. However, it is also where you commonly commit mistakes when you are buying its essentials. You are either buying poor-quality materials, the wrong set of colours, and other costly mistakes.

In this post, you will learn some of the most notable mistakes consumers often make regarding buying bed linens — and how to get rid of them.

 Failure to Measure the Bed Size

Just because you want to purchase brand-new bed linens does not entirely mean you must head straight to your nearest homeware depot. Before anything else, you must measure the dimensions or the size perhaps of your bed. It is to determine the exact size and the right fitting for the linens you are about to purchase. Of course, you have to determine if your bed is double-size, queen-size or king-size. It is imperative knowing that you will not be purchasing bed linens that fit double-size while you are using a queen-size bed.

Buying From Random Suppliers

Bed linens and other essentials are widely available online, and many consumers are easily swayed by good PR. However, not everyone you see online is trustworthy. Unfortunately, many consumers fell victim to websites by purchasing bed linens and other essentials with subpar qualities. It would help if you always did a little research on the supplier you have come across online with that in mind. Make sure this supplier of bed linens and homewares are reputable, trustworthy and well-known.

To do this, start by reading unbiased online reviews from their previous and present customers. Ensure their review gives you enough details about the quality of their bed linens and see if they speak ill about this particular supplier.

Basing the Bed Linens by Their Thread Count

Other notable mistakes consumers make is they base the quality of the bed linens on their thread count. Many consumers are made to believe that the higher the thread count, the better the quality. Well, most of it is true, but not all. Some manufacturers may offer higher thread count to their bed linens, but the garment or the thread they use has subpar quality. It means they use thin or brittle thread, which in return will likely not last long when used.

Instead, it would be best to select a higher thread count, which uses high-quality yarn or thread to make sure you get the best value for your money. An excellent indicator is the use of staple cotton. It may cost you extra, but you are ensured of the quality of the bed linen.

Not Properly Taking Care for Them

It is not because you have purchased fancy and pricey bed linens does not mean you do not take care of them. Many consumers believe that expensive bed linens made from good-quality materials require less care. Well, it is completely wrong. It will likely suffer from wear and tear effects if you neglect them. So, you must make sure to change your bed linens at least once a week. You must take care of them by using gentle detergents and fabric conditioners and learn how to maintain your bed linen’s softness. Always follow the washing instructions on their label as well.

Never let these simple mistakes ruin your investment. Make sure you do your part of due diligence, avoid the mistakes, and follow the tips listed above because your sleep quality is at stake in this matter.


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