4 Things to Know about Shipping Packages

Things to Know about Shipping Packages

Have you ever excitedly opened a delivered package only to be massively disappointed to find out that the item was damaged? Don’t immediately judge the courier service. First, look at the way it was packed. Do you know how to pack each type of goods the right way? If not, your sender might be in the same boat as you are. Not everyone has the skill to pack or wrap. Even wrapping gifts can be a challenge and a dread for many people. Some courier companies reject packages that are not properly packed. So, to avoid rejections, delays and the need to repack, find a shortlist of guidelines below. Package protection is key!

It starts with good box protection

No matter where you are sending your package, consider the abuse it may go through in the process. A lot of handling and tossing will happen. It will help create good support by firmly sealing the bottom of the box with good industrial tape. A good quality tape will stick securely on the package and not peel off, withstand high temperature and moisture, and will not break from rough handling.

When your package is firmly packed inside and out, you can be assured that your package will arrive at the destination point in one piece. Courier companies have customised boxes in different dimensions. Choose one that will fit your package. These couriers usually take the dimension of your item and recommend the best size for your item. You may want to bring your own industrial tape for good measure.

Use the right shipping material and markings

Thick cardboard boxes provide ample protection for most regular items, but fragile items need more than a cardboard box. Try using crates for extremely delicate items and seal them with high-quality industrial tape.

Do not forget to tag your item as fragile whenever applicable. Mark your package correctly to avoid incorrect handling. Ensure your markings are legible and correct, using clear and bright coloured pens, usually in black colour over white background. It also helps to use arrow markings to indicate top and bottom positions. Or using two solid black upward arrows will indicate that the item needs to be placed in an upright position through the duration of delivery.

Pack tight

Do not allow your item any room to roll, move or slide inside your box. Pack them tight. Internal movements may cause the item to be damaged, broken, or scratched. Learn filling techniques to stuff the extra space inside the box without squeezing or squashing your item unnecessarily. Use shredded papers, bunched up old newspapers, packing peanuts or Styrofoam balls to fill the gaps inside the box. First, it will help to wrap your item individually in a bubble wrap and secure it with industrial tape.

Pack right

Do not overfill your box. Use the right box size. Either you use a bigger box or lessen the number of items in your box. Overfilling your box container till it bulges and then trying to seal it with overlapping packaging tape doesn’t cut it. It will, then, not meet packaging standards. You will risk rejection by the courier service.


Be vigilant in wrapping your parcels, and expect to see the look of joy on the face of your family or friends as they open your gift. That is priceless! It is worth more than the blood and sweat that went into the wrapping and packing.


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