Know the Difference Between Sharara and Gharara

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Carrying the sartorial legacy of the Mughals, sharara and gharara are two distinct yet similar ethnic bottom wear. The two are one of the most loved and preferred forms of styles as they give a beautiful and elegant look without putting in much work. However, the similarity of the words and a little of the style makes it confusing for people to distinguish each salwar suit design. We are here to put an end to this confusion for you to know the difference between the two and select the one that suits you best.


The traditional and chic bottom wear seen in an Indian salwar kameez that has managed to acquire a soft spot into the hearts and wardrobes of many since ages is a sharara. The spectacular pants are the first to enter the fashion realm. Since then it has created a whirlwind in the industry because of the glamorous and graceful appearance it gives.

The beauty of the extravagant pants had made them a staple in Bollywood movies of the 1960s and also a favourite of a majority of Bollywood stars such as Nanda, Sadhana, Meena Kumari, Leena Chadavarkar, etc. It was later brought to life on the big screen by Kareena Kapoor in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham. Shararas are basically pants that give the illusion of lehengas. They consist of a huge flare and a ghera and are fitted from the waist. Originally paired with long kurtas, shararas are today also worn with short kameez that give a stunning look. 


The magnificent cousin of sharara, gharara, entered the market a few years back and has amazed people by the incredible look it lends. A fun upgrade to shararas, the gharara are structured pants that are well fitted to the knees and then flare out from the knee or above it. It is not as popular as the sharara because it can be quite a challenging silhouette to carry that not many women can. Right from the point where the flare begins, it is covered with a fancy lace or gota work to cover the joint. The flare of the gharara is often minimal, however, many women, to add drama, go a little extra with the flare. It looks best when it is paired with a shorter kameez as the length allows the gharara to be seen. 



What should you opt for?

  • The best choice for women with a heavy lower body would be a sharara as it can easily cover the lower portion no matter the length of the kameez. They can also opt for a gharara, provided the fitting is kept a little loose and comfortable.
  • A fitted gharara with a short kameez can complement women with a slim frame beautifully. 
  • The style and patterns play a huge role not just for shararas but also outfits like a kurti pant set.  Make sure to choose the right one.

Now that you know the difference, select the one that suits your style and body type best to create an unforgettable look. Always consider your body type before opting for the latest design of salwar kameez, kurti, or any outfit you wish to adorn.


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