Different types of modes in Call of Duty: warzone

Different types of modes in Call of Duty: warzone

Battle games are the games in which the players have to fight a battle. Nowadays, these battle games are more on virtual platforms, and people love to play these games. This s because it will ease them and release their stress, as in these games, you have to kill your opponent. Killing your opponents is very soothing, not in reality, in the game itself. There is a famous game named Call of Duty: warzone. This game’s warzone version is a new version; earlier, this game has so many versions.

This version has so many special features, which makes it more exciting and will give you a fantastic experience—the features like its modes, maps, types of equipment, graphics and so on. This game’s modes are so unique that they will blow your mind, and you cannot resist yourself to play this game. Let’s discuss the modes of this game first.

Battle Royale mode

Battle Royale mode is also in the Black ops version of this game. In this mode, the map will continuously shrink while the players are competing with each other, and it will shrink till the last player remains. The players have to parachute onto a larger game map, and there they will find other players with whom they have to compete. As the players eliminate, the map will shrink, forcing the other remaining players to compete in a tighter space.

The non-playable areas of the game map will be contaminated with green gas and which depletes the health of the player, and it will kill the player if he/she doesn’t return to a safer place. The new thing in this mode (in the warzone version) is that there are vehicles in this mode, and the player can drive them and go to other places on them. One more new feature is that the player can use the parachute anytime and open and close the parachute in the air anytime he/she wants.

At the beginning of this game, the Battle Royale mode only supported the trio, which means a squad of three players can play at a time, with restriction to fill more players in the squad. In the updated version, Four-player squads were updated, and solo BR modes were also updated in the game.

After getting defeated in the match, there is also a feature that could help the player play the same match n which he/she has defeated earlier. This model offers a respawn mechanic who will take the defeated player to a safe zone for the defeated players named’Gulag’. There is a solo match between two defeated players in that zone, and the winner of that match will be respawned to the match in which he/she was defeated earlier. Another method of respawning in the game is the use of in-game currency. It means people can purchase life and play again in that match.

Plunder mode

This model is based on a team basis. In this mode, there is a cash limit that a team has to collect. There are stacks of cash around the map, and the team has to find it and collect it. They have to collect $1 million. Once they collect that cash, the game goes to overtime, and that amount is summed up by 1.5. The winning team is decided on the basis of the collection of the cash; the team which has collected more cash will be the winner.

After introducing these time-based modes, had also introduced several other modes and variations in the game. Let’s discuss them.

‘BR Buy Packs’ (also called BR stimulus) is a variation of Battle Royale. A player is automatically respawned after death if he/she has a sufficient amount of money, and the Gulag concept automatically gets disabled.

‘Blood money’ is a variation of the Plunder mode, which gives players more cash rewards on competing with the opponent and making finishing moves on them. With each move, they will get rewards.

‘Mini Royale’ is a mode in which there are 50 players in a match, and they have to play in a smaller circler as compared to the Battle Royale’s circle. This mode’s purpose is to make more squad engagements.

‘Armored Royale’ allows players to spawn with more powerful armored trucks, which players can upgrade and compete with their opponents more powerfully. These trucks are more powerful than the normal mode’s trucks.

Cheats and Hacks

Cheats and Hacks also play a very crucial role in playing the game. By applying cheats and using hacks, the players can remove so much of their barriers in the game. Some hacks like ESP, which helps players to find their opponents more easily. As in this hack, an x-ray glass will be on the player’s eyes, and he/she can see the coming objects more clearly and from a long distance. The player can even see the opponent in between a solid surface also.

There are so many other cheats and hacks that help to remove barriers like smoke and fog coming in your way. These will also warn the player when the opponent points him/her as the screen starts blinking at that time, and you can save yourself from getting killed. Hacks like eft hacks will help players with all these things.


The game call of duty is enriched with so many modes. The game, which provides so many modes, is a better game than all the other games. The variety of modes and variations of this game makes it better, giving the gamers a mind-blowing gaming experience. Types of modes and variations discussed above are Battle Royale mode, Plunder mode, BR Buy packs, Blood money, Mini royale, and Armored Royale. There are so many other modes and variations in this game, but you should also have to play that game to experience them. If you are thinking of playing a fantastic Battle video game, then Call of Duty: warzone is the best option.


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