Does Maze Rooms Have Good Escape Rooms?

Does Maze Rooms Have Good Escape Rooms

A good escape room keeps you engaged and transports you into a whole other world. Maze Rooms claims to offer the best escape rooms in the area, but are they really?

Do they Have Good Back Stories?

All of Maze Rooms differently themed rooms come with incredible back stories that draw you in. You can read the stories ahead of time on their website and then listen closely as the game maker explains it in depth to you again.

Be transported through time and dimensions with these incredible stories that make you feel as if you are really in the story with the other characters.

How Are The Props?

Every room you walk into is filled with perfectly chosen and placed props that coincide with the background story. If you didn’t feel you were immersed in the story before, you definitely do the moment you walk into the room.

Filtered in noises and specifically placed lights can help add clues and add to the theme of the room as well.

Are The Puzzles Easy?

Nobody likes doing an escape room that is too easy. The whole point is to challenge your mind and work as a team.

That is why Maze Rooms offers both medium and hard level rooms to choose from. That way you stay engaged and don’t feel bored by the end.

How Long Do You Have To Escape?

Every room has a one hour time limit for you to solve it and escape. Due to the pandemic, they are very strict about being on time. If you arrive late they will not admit you into the game because it will start when it is supposed to start.

They do this to keep everything moving smoothly and allow for adequate sanitation between games as well as adequate distancing of players between games.

What Are The Age Restrictions?

Escape room age restrictions vary from room to room. Some require you to be at least 12 while others you have to be at least 16. Anyone under the age of 16 needs to be accompanied by an adult. Some rooms may not be suitable for younger children or individuals with PTSD that are affected by loud noises or sudden movements.


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