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Dorothy LeMay

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The film industry has been one of the most entertaining parts of our life. The monotony of life is being released through the entertainment people get by watching movies. Hence, people associated with entertainment are also important to know about. There are varieties of the entertainment industry; rather various film industries are there in the world. Amongst those, one is the adult movie industry or the Porn industry. This industry, however, is banned; and is legalized to access only after one is 18+ years old. However, different unauthorized porn sites and their free download option of contents have made it widely accessible among the people in the world, including underage people.

Personal Info of Dorothy LeMay

Dorothy LeMay is a very famous American actress who was/is strongly associated with the adult industry of entertainment in Hollywood. She has been quite a charmer for years and every single person associated or aware of this industry knows her name quite well.

Dorothy was born on February 14th, 1954; quite on Valentine’s Day. In this reigning 66 years, she is still a stunner and a beautiful woman. Dorothy is from Los Angeles, California in the USA. She is a Caucasian Aquarius. Born to American parents, she has been a stout woman from the very beginning.

After her high school education ended, she got married to her long time boyfriend Lee LeMay in 1977 when she was just 23 years old, but an adult. She moved to California with her husband and started working on a desk job at California University in Berkeley. At that time, she answered a call of ‘Make Movie and earn $300 a day’. She was selected as Farrah Faucet’s‘ look-alike’ and was launched in a movie named A Formal Faucet, with a nasty tagline attached to it. This is how, with a misunderstanding, her career in this adult industry started.

Recognition of Dorothy LeMay

However, she has accepted the fault she had made and started a career as a porn-star since then. She has done a lot of movies within the first decade of her journey in the industry. Below is the list of her successful works-

Famous Work and Recognition of Dorothy LeMay 

a) Sensual Encounters of Every Kind: Richard Canter (1978)

b) I am Always Ready: Carlos Tobalina (1978)

c) A Formal Faucet: Fred J Lincoln (1978)

d) Sweet Captive: Lee Frost (1979)

e) Edit Female Athletes: Leonard Kirtman (1979)

f) Three Ripening Cherries: Carlos Tobalina (1979)

g) Taboo: Kirdy Stevens (1980)

h) Champagne for Breakfast: Chris Warfield (1980)

i) Body Candy: Del J Martin (1980)

j) Night Dream: Francis Delia (1981) (the Spectacular come back movie; art-house psychological porn movie)

k) High School Memories: Anthony Spinelli (1981)

l) Trashi: Louis Lewis (1981)

m) Taboo II: Kirdy Stevens (1982)

n) Memphis Cathouse Blues: Ken Gibb (1982)

Later on, Dorothy has also tried her hand in some loops for the Swedish Erotica series. Also, she did some amateur work for Diamond Collection and Pleasure Productions. She in her interview has expressed that she enjoyed doing movies more than the loops; she found loops to be ‘just fast sex’. After some time, she started also performing live sex shows for Alex DeRenzy at the Playpen Club in San Francisco. She also worked with Annette Haven, followed by performing anal Gymnastics at the Mitchell Bros.

Fame of Dorothy LeMay

By the time, she got separated from her first husband Lee LeMay as well. Also, doing so many works was not bringing the recognition Dorothy wanted for herself. So, she called quit for this hard-work and started dating a gaffer named Ernie. With the reference of him, she also got a vanilla job in the ABC Messenger Service in Hollywood. But, she was losing interest in Ernie too, too soon. In an interview with Adam magazine, she popped the bean that she had her first lesbian affair during her tiff with Ernie.

Dorothy has been the face of many popular movies like ‘Can’t Stop Coming’, ‘Erotic Fantasies 5’, ‘Tales of Backside’ and ‘Vista Valley PTA’.

Achievements of Dorothy LeMay

Dorothy later has been inducted into the ‘AVN Hall of Fame’ for her contribution and hard work in the industry.

Dorothy has been a charmer for a decade in the industry. But later on, she decided to move on from here. This year she turned 66 years and has been living a peaceful life with her family. However, no details on her family are available in any of the sources. Dorothy has been embedded in everyone’s mind whoever belonged to the 80s-90s era. She is beautiful, bold, and an amazingly talented lady that will always shine bright in the list of American entertainers of the AV business. Surprisingly, even after being such a famous public figure, Dorothy LeMay is not on any of the social media platforms. Hence any information about her contact remains unavailable.

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