How to download video from your favorite streaming service?

How to download video from your favorite streaming service?

Why should we compromise watching our favorite shows over bad in-ternet when you know this trick? Moreover, there is no difference between a room with bad internet and a lonely island. Downloading videos isn’t out of style because the internet is not stable everywhere we go. Now, it is also possible to download the next episode of a show automatically. This is a must-know hack if you are not a fan of buffering.

There are quite a lot of sites to watch videos. A few popular services are mentioned here. The positive fact is that it’s really easy to download videos if you follow the instructions. Many probably would have known this, but we got some hacks that you might not know. Read the article to be mind blown! 

1: Netflix

‘Netflix and chill’ is the new Friday night plan. So, now all you have to do is download the app and subscribe to a plan of your comfort. OnceThen, once have it, sit back and follow these steps.

  1. Open the Netflix app and select Downloads/Menu
  2. Select Find something to Download. You will see the shows/movies available for Download.
  3. Pick a movie/show you wish to download
  4. Next to the description page, tap on Downloads.

Once the process is over, remain signed in to the app to access the downloads. You can find it in the Downloads icon. The process is the same for any device like Smartphones, iPads, TV or Tablets, except the name of the icon changes. Look out for them.

It takes 3GB for about 12 hours of streaming. So, downloading on wifi is wise. But if you want to use cellular data, it is possible too. While downloading, you might be prompted, then select Download now, which enables you to use cellular data. You also change the default setting to use cellular data while downloading in the future. To do this, Go to Settings, uncheck the box for Wi-Fi only. This could tear up the data plan when not used carefully.

To automatically download the next episodes, go to Downloads, and you will see Smart downloads. Turn it on. Once you finish an episode, it gets deleted automatically. So, renew expired downloads. And if you wish to download Netflix content easily and directly to your device So that you don’t have to renew the expired downloads again and again The Netflix downloader is the Best alternate way.

2: Hulu 

Hulu is now the leading streaming service provider. It is the first service provider which offers complete seasons of programs without any delay to access new episodes. Downloading movies in Hulu is quite easy and similar to other service providers, but only certain episodes would be available for download when it comes to TV series.

  1. Get the Hulu app and subscribe according to your need
  2. Go to Search from the navigation bar.
  3. Select Downloadable from the menu and select a movie of your choice and press the Download icon on the details page.
  4. In the case of TV shows, select the Episodes icon of the TV show and check its availability for offline viewing. If it does, select the Download icon next to it.

It is also possible to download using cellular data. Go to Downloads and select Settings, and turn on Cellular Downloading. Downloads are temporary here too. To renew it, select Downloads and go to the alert icon. Select Renew Download.

3: Disney+ hotstar

Disney+ App was launched recently in the year 2020, yet set a global record for a concurrent viewership addition. In addition, you can enjoy live stream cricket, missed TV serials, and other reality shows.

  1. Open the Disney+ Hotstar app and pick the movie or TV show you want to watch.
  2. If the movie is available for download, select Download from the description page and adjust the movie quality and file size according to your comfort.
  3. In the Hotstar app, select My Downloads and watch the downloaded videos.

Although you can watch movies and TV shows offline, this restricts downloading live streams.

4: Amazon Prime Video

One subscription to unlimited service at the cheapest rate with a wide range of shows and movies to choose from, probably the best thing to spend your money on. Did you know Amazon prime allows customers to sign up for add-on channels? Also, viewing offline is easy!

1.Open the Amazon prime app and pick a movie or TV show.

2.For movies, select the Download icon from the description page of the movie.

3.For TV shows, you can either download individual episodes or the entire season.

4.To download individual episodes, tap on  Downloads on the list of episodes.

 After downloading a purchased video, its viewing period is indefinite. But not all titles are available for download. For example, if If you are on a trial period, your downloaded videos are available for 30 days, but once you start watching it, it expires 48 hours from viewing.

5: Apple TV

Apple TV has limited original content, which made choosing what to watch easy. Free trial packages are attractive too. In addition, there are Apple TV setup box, Apple TV app, and Apple TV+ app. In spite of less viewership, its original contents are worth watching. 

1.Open the Apple TV app on any device.

2.Go to the Channels page and pick a movie or TV show

3.On the description page of the movie chosen, tap Downloads.

4.To view the downloads go to the Library tab and select the Downloaded icon.

 The downloads are available only for a period of 30 days, might expire earlier for a few channels. If you are planning to get an Apple device, look for a free subscription to Apple TV streaming.

6: Youtube

Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world, is also add supported. Youtube premium has a lot of advantages, from providing add free content to be able to download many movies and TV shows.

1.Open the Youtube app and then quickly search for the video to be downloaded.

2.Select the Downloads icon on the description page.

3.To view the downloads, select  Library on the home page of Youtube and tap on Downloads to watch the videos.

The downloaded videos can be played only for upto 48 hours, after which you have to re-sync the videos with the Youtube app with an active internet. So go ahead and save some life skills!


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