Your Dream Home is Within Reach

Your Dream Home is Within Reach

Have you ever dreamed of not only owning but building your own home? The perfect space for you and your family or you and your partner to grow. If you have, you may feel like this is completely unobtainable without you coming into money.

If this is something you have always dreamed of, why not dream a little more as we discuss the different floor plan options and how you could get help to make your custom dream home?

One Story Houses

A one-story house is exactly what it sounds like, a house that is all on one floor. Ideal for people who struggle with stairs and want to have everything on one floor, whether for ease of access or because you want to make the most of your space. 

This option will be ideal if you want a large open-plan living space and rooms in the back of the house. Or if you have children and want to have space for everyone without having the hazard of stairs. 

If you make your house from a one-story home plan, this will benefit you when you get older. Knowing that your forever home really will help you through your whole life makes it even more worth it.

1.5 Story Houses

You may not know that you can get a 1.5-story home. This type of home plan allows you to have almost all of your house on one 1 level with some access to a small upstairs place, such as a converted attic. This would allow you to have more space while still having a home that will last you the rest of your life.

With a 1.5-story home plan, the main bedroom will be on the ground floor; this will mean that you can still access this as you grow older and don’t wish to use the stairs while also giving you extra space that you can use for storage for your children. 

Two Story Houses

This is probably the size of house you think of when you think of your dream home, a large two-story house with lots of space to grow. Two-story homes benefit from a lot of extra space and also give some privacy to the owners as their bedrooms will be on a floor away from where you may have visitors or guests.

A 2 story home plan gives you a lot of space for not only yourself and your growing family but for guests too. Giving your children their own space while also allowing you and your partner space for yourselves.

The two-story home plan is also the most cost-effective as it does not require as much of the foundations or land to build a perfectly spacious home for you and your family. Choosing this option will also save you money on roofing as you can get the same size house as a one-story home but on a smaller plot of land.

Still Unsure?

If you are still unsure, get in touch with a company today and find out which of these homes sounds perfect for you. Finally, get the custom dream home you have always wanted.

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