Top 10 Dropbox Alternatives To Use For Cloud Storage In 2024

Top 10 Dropbox Alternatives To Use For Cloud Storage In 2020

Know here the list of 10 best Dropbox Alternatives To Use For Cloud Storage

If you are managing a team, you could have noticed that a lot of employees, even some of the project managers, spend quite a little bit of time searching for files.

All the file sharing and file management are often quite time-consuming. All the functions, including the HR team, need a document storage to store and manage their HR documents. The traditional way of uploading the document in the server and writing a mail just for sharing the document is a little weird. Cloud store comes into play to sort these problems.

Dropbox is one of the cloud storage platforms that allows the users to synchronize their files with its cloud storage, and the user can able to share the document from anywhere with just a network connection, but if you need a cloud storage with enterprise features, then this blog will help you in figuring out the various alternatives for Dropbox.

Top 10 Dropbox Alternatives To Use For Cloud Storage In 2020

Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the best alternatives to Dropbox. It allows the users to store their data and files and the user can access the data from any device with just the internet connection. With Google Drive, you can invite your friends to view, download and collaborate with the files you uploaded.

Google drive supports general files(.ZIP, .RAR, MP3, etc.), Adobe files, Microsoft files, and Apple files. It also integrates with all Google apps. It comes with a free plan of 15GB.

Media Fire

Media fire is one of the Dropbox alternatives. It is a file sharing and file hosting cloud storage. It has 50 GB of storage, starting with 10 GB, and the remaining 40 GB will be based on installing apps and sharing on Facebook and other social media.

Media Fire also supports Image file, Video file, Text file, Markup code, Microsoft word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, Adobe documents, etc., and Dropbox are two of the largest and most popular cloud storage and online backup service. mainly focuses on businesses as their customers. It has few best features like easy document sharing, high data protection, etc.,

It has a free personal plan of 250MB, and the Business/Enterprise plan has 5GB and it’s offering a free plan till 10GB

One Drive

One Drive is also a Dropbox alternative. It allows your team to collaborate from remote offices and it has a user-friendly interface. Windows 10 automatically synchronizes the files with the One Drive storage. One Drive is also known as Sky Drive.

It offers a basic free plan for 5GB and you can get 100GB for just ₹ 123 per month and 6TB for ₹ 5,299 per month.


Workzone is a project management software with a file storage system. Besides the usual file storage, it also helps in project management and collaborates into the project management process.

Workflow’s Image markup function will allow the users to comment in the file storage. It will help to maintain all the communication in a single place.

Workzone’s pricing starts at $20 per month per user. It doesn’t provide a free trial.

Cloud Me

Cloud Me is a file storage service that offers cloud storage, file synchronization and client software. It allows the users to share the files and documents with each other and with the users outside the service.

It offers a free plan with 19GB and it won’t create a duplicate file which will reduce the space.


Sugarsync is a DropBox alternative and it offers online cloud storage and file sharing service. It also provides a tool for team collaboration thus increase team productivity. It offers free storage of 5GB and it will give 500MB as a referral bonus.

The premium plan of 100GB is available for $7.49 per month and 250GB is available for$9.99 per month and also offers a custom business plan.

Amazon Cloud

Amazon cloud is one of the best alternative for Dropbox. It is designed to manage multiple hierarchies of directory data. It offers 5GB as a free plan. And the best part is data security, your data will be a public one it will have access to the limited number of devices.

It has automatic synchronization with the amazon cloud which is hosted in multiple regions of the world, we can retrieve the file even after the file is deleted permanently.

Team Drive

Team drive is one of the Dropbox alternatives. TeamDrive offers secure cloud services and software for business, public and professional associations. Private users can use the software free of charge, provided this is for private use only. Storage space and services must be paid for as soon as the free limit is exceeded.

It offers free storage of 2GB for private users and it can be extended to 10GB by sharing to friends and family.


Skyfish is a digital media management tool. It supports all types of files. It helps to manage the files by adding keywords to the files for organizing, editing and sharing files and images. Skyfish pricing starts at $40 and the free trial is also available.


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