Top 4 Trendy Android Games of 2024

Top 4 Trendy Android Games of 2019

Here are the list of Top 4 Trendy Android Games of 2024

There are in fact a variety of trendy games available for Android devices, but how to find the real gems from the dross is the main question arises here. Not all games are equally designed to offer you the best touch screen experience and some of the games even glitch in between which ruin the overall gaming experience. But, there are some titles which offer you the best gaming experience. From finest racers to adventure games, puzzlers to arcade titles to Battle Royale games, you will find them all in the Play Store which are worth playing. But, to enjoy playing all these games you need the best gaming Android phone. These gaming Android phones are very expensive than the traditional phones and it offers best gaming experience indeed. When buying these gaming phones ensure to check for online Amazon india offers to save great deal of money on your phone.

Horizon Chase

If you are really tired playing the age old racing games, then it is the time to upgrade and download the Horizon Chase game in your Android gaming phone. It is the tribute to the old school arcade games where you experience sheer joy of racing instead of boring realism. The game has the exciting visuals along with alluring background tracks which are cheesy and jolly. The racing would take you to consistent battling on your own way to the front of aggressive package. You will definitely enjoy the Top Gear and Turbo Esprit Challenge and the game offers 5 new free tracks where you can enjoy racing.

PUBG Mobile

This 100-Player battle Royale Game has become one of the popular choices and it continues to grow and evolve over time and still remains the best action shooter game for Android devices. Players are dropped on the huge maps that are loaded with ammo, weapons, vehicles, tactical gears in Classic Battle Royale Mode. You are dropped into the map as a solo player or as a team to combat against other players to take down all your opponents until you are the last man to stand. Playing the game with maxed out graphics and layout gives you the best gaming experience on your device. The game is free to download and play and it comes with varied modes to enjoy including Pay Load Mode, TDM mode, Evo-Ground mode, Practice and Training Mode.

Brawl Stars

Designed by Supercell, this is another popular arena game which is quite different than all other games available on Play Store. This is a fast-paced arena brawler which is the departure of Clash of Clans game. The game allows the gamers to team up in MOBA game that makes it different from others with cartoony and colourful look which is backed by great game play variety. The game has multiple game modes that revolve around every couple of hours so that you can have something new every time. The mode includes: Gem Grab, Show Down, Heist, Bounty, Seige, Brawl Ball and Robo Rumble.

Each game mode is fun and exciting and you will find a unique character and feature in every mode as you play the game.


Of all games that you have played in 2019, Oddmar is the game that is different from others and once you start playing, it would become your favourite indeed. In the game you will find beautifully animated levels that exhibit the depth of details that you hardly find in any other mobile games. You play the game as an exiled Viking that never quite lived up to his warrior ancestor that is granted with the special powers by the magical fairy. All the levels are designed masterly which never makes you feel bored while playing the game.

So, these were some of the popular trendy Android games which you may play on your Android device and buy them online. But prior to buying any expensive android gaming phone check for online Tatacliq coupons at Coupons Curry to save great deal of money on your next purchase. You gaming experience would enhance even more if you are having the best Android gaming Smartphone. Not all Android devices are gaming phone and hence you need to make the right selection of Android phones to enjoy best gaming experience.


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