Easy to Start Online Business Ideas that Make Money

Starting any kind of business is not too difficult if you know what you are doing. However, with time and with the advancement of technology that changes people’s behavior and lifestyle, it is about time to focus on the online business ideas.

Are you someone who loves surfing and spending time on the internet? If yes, why don’t you take it as an opportunity to earn money and start with an online business? If you want to grow your business and meet the demands of the people, this is the best option.

As per Statista, retail e-commerce volume in India in 2016 was $16.07 billion and will amount to $52.301 in 2022. This shows that India is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce markets worldwide.

So, if you plan to set up a business and use online as a platform, you are likely to experience impressive business growth. Here are a few Easy-to-start online businesses that you can do:-

Take the easy and relevant ones and get it started

Sell products using social media sites

You do not need to have an online store in order to sell products online. Due to the increase in the number of social media users, smart entrepreneurs use this as an opportunity to do business. You can sell almost anything you want- from the products that you make to the assets that you do not like anymore; and, instead of throwing away your old clothes, you can sell them at a half rate and earn money in return. Also, the best thing is you do not have to think about space, you can sell the products from your home and even when you are sleeping on your bed.

Online Makeup Courses

If you love applying makeup whether on yourself or on others and, you are good at it, it does not matter if you are a boy or a girl, online makeup tutorials are one of the best options that you can start as an online business and that most people do. It is as well very simple to do it, all you need to have are your makeup sets and a good camera; and, there you go- start tutoring online and upload your videos, you will definitely earn an impressive amount of money from those sites that you monetize.


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Online Cooking Tutorials

We have seen many people doing this online; well, you can also do the same. This is one of the businesses that can give you not just pleasure but also money if you love cooking. You can teach people who are ready to learn how to cook and at the same time you can eat or sell the food that you prepare when you do your tutorials.

Online Academic Tutor

Giving private tuition’s these days is very demanding. You can tutor people online without moving away from your house. Following the trend of homeschooling, many families these days requires someone or the other who would tutor their kids. It can be from any corner of the world, online tutors are on demand.


Publisher Online

If your forte is writing, you can definitely excel in this business. There are many writers who are earning just by writing online. There are many online sites these days that allow people to publish their own books. If you are someone who can inspire people through your writings, not only you will earn money but also you can make a name for yourself in this field.


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Music for Videos

Who does not like music? Are you good enough at singing? Well, you can start an online business by uploading your videos- it can be an original music video, a cover, or any live performance. Platforms like YouTube, Soundcloud, Facebook and many others do allow music videos to be put up.

Do it Yourself (DIY) products

This is one of the most attractive and easy things that has taken over the internet today. The Do-it-Yourself products can be anything. You can create your own creative things that you are good at. For example- If you are good at stitching and designing clothes, you can take this as an opportunity. Or, if you are good at carving and others; there are an endless number of things that you can showcase online and earn money from.


There are many sites like instagram that allow you to share your photographs online. You can take this as your means to earn money. This can also include paintings. If there are people who like your photography skills and your work, they will definitely buy your pictures.


Do you like writing blogs and articles? Why don’t you use your talents in writing blogs online? You can come up with relevant and interesting topics and there is no doubt that people will not share it. Websites like blogspot, wordpess and many others do take pay bloggers who are their partners.


There are still many other things that you can do online. The reason that most business these happen online is that of the popularity of the internet and social media. Social media sites have impacted so much in people’s lives that can also be taken as an advantage to run an online business.


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