Top 10 Escape Destinations in the World

It’s a middle of 2018 and many of us are in a dire need of a vacation. We all know that life isn’t fair, it is harsh but we also have an option to escape. Yes, run away from the reality for the short period of time. Escaping from the reality is not easy but you can always take a break from the norm. the routine can turn out to be a silent killer. It doesn’t seem like tiring but eventually, your energy is all drained. There is a list of some stunning escape destinations like Morocco Holidays and more around the world. It’s time to fulfil your travel goals. You ‘ve got the chance to admire the nature, beauty and some amazing landscapes.

Places to Truly Escape the Routine

The curiosity in human nature can take him to the edge of horror, thrill and also an excitement. Ride the coaster of life and let it meet you at the most astonishing places around the globe. Plan your vacations and enjoy the trip to any of the places mentioned below.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Anyone with the interest of inspiration has got it as the best place to explore. This Grand Canyon is the photographer’s dream and the artists’ best choice for refreshment. Artists are all about his/her imagination and this canyon is majestically appealing for the soul. It can be crowded at the times but you can still enjoy being there.

Santorini, Greece

Many of us want to live by the sea. Yes, Greece gives you a chance to enjoy living in the rest houses of Santorini. It’s located by the Aegean Sea. A stunning scenery and awe-inspiring views. The villages are built on the cliff and one can always enjoy it at its best.

Venice, Italy

Venice is an ultimate love for couples and travellers. People who like to be in peace or surrounded by the masterpieces, they love the table adventure at this place. So, get lost in the streets of Venice or walk across the Rialto bridge and admire the place.

Monument Valley, Utah

Do you love to be at the place where the sky looks so clear and the sun shines brighter than ever?  This place can be enjoyed by the hiking or horseback riding too. You can camp in the valley and if you’re lucky enough to have a guide along, you can meet any locals too.

Marrakech, Morocco

The city that is admired for its cultural look. There are souks, people and so many historical marvels to visit. Tourists admire the architecture of the buildings in Marrakech, Morocco. There is a lot of fun and culture around. The finest blend of history, culture and contemporary traditions is witnessed in Marrakech, Morocco.


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Ski Dubai, UAE

Dubai is pretty much a place where you can do anything. They have developed so many indoor activities for tourists that you’ll find everything there. Ski Dubai is one of the parks where it’s all snowy and one can easily enjoy the fun.

Milford Sound, New Zealand

Get ready to give away your senses for a moment. Milford Sound is all about waterfalls, beautiful scenery, lakes and Mountains. The whole journey offers you the most mesmerising views and the best road trip too.

Bernese Oberland, Switzerland

An outdoor adventure for the travel lovers. Yes, this region in Switzerland present best of nature. Rock hills, lakes, fresh air and the most peaceful environment. Adventure, excitement and thrill all come along by visiting this hill town.

Angkor Wat, Cambodia

It is one of the historical landmark preserved by UNESCO world heritage. This is awe-inspiring for the curious individuals. So, learn the history, know the mystery of the past.

Sequoia National Park, California

This park has the tallest trees. The majestic beauty that captures the mind and heart of an artist. You can have fun through different activities and get mesmerized by the stunning beauty of this park.

The world is another heaven; one should never lose the chance to explore. Culture, adventure, nature and many more beautiful landscapes are there. The world is full of the beauty and when the routine becomes hard, you need to get away for a while. Take a break and enjoy the trip anywhere in the world.


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