Electrical Safety and Maintenance Tips for Every Family

Electrical Safety and Maintenance Tips for Every Family

The electrical safety and maintenance are essential for every home and office. The safety and maintenance go hand in hand. If you don’t maintain the electrical equipment, it gets worn with time and can malfunction anytime. Maintenance of electrical circuits and fixtures is essential for the safety of families.

There are many things that a family can do to maintain their electrical wiring and equipment. Moreover, one should examine the circuits and appliances regularly to find out any potential faults that need repair. This post shares some simple tips for electrical safety and maintenance in homes.

Examine the wiring and circuits!

Most people install the electrical wiring for their home and never check them until a problem arises. The wiring gets worn with time, and the connections become loose that can lead to overheating and fires.

Therefore, it is essential to check the wiring and connections every six months to ensure the safety of using them. Moreover, it is best to replace the electrical wiring every 15 years as the wires get worn in such a long time. Consult an electrician to check the circuits and power sockets in your home every six months.

Location of main switch and MCB

It is essential for every family to know the position of the main switch and individual MCBs. The MCBs are miniature circuit breakers for every room and area of your house. A room may have multiple MCBs for different lights and power points.

You can switch off the MCB, but it is safer to shut off the main switch before performing any electrical repair or maintenance work. The primary function of MCBs is to cut off the electric current to the circuit in case of overloading or voltage fluctuations.

Do not overload the sockets!

Many people overload the outlets to use multiple devices on a single circuit. However, it can lead to overheating of circuit and burning of electrical sockets or plugs. Overloading can be fatal if the overheating causes fire.

Therefore, you should never connect multiple devices on a single point. Also, one should not use heavy load appliances on a low rated socket. For example, using a 15 Ampere rated appliance on a 5 Ampere socket can lead to overheating of the socket which can damage the point or device.

Keep the children away

It is essential to protect the children and keep them away from electrical devices and sockets. If you have small children in your home, make sure you cover the electrical sockets installed at the points less than 3 feet of height above the floor. Also, you must keep the children away from electrical devices like heater, immersion rods, microwaves, induction cookers, table fans, hair dryers, etc.

Grounding /Earthing

Grounding the appliances and circuits is essential for the safety of life. The devices with a three pin plug have a green coloured earthing wire for the protection from electric shock. However, the electrical circuitry of your house should be connected to the grounding plate.

If you have outdated appliances that do not have a grounding wire, get it done by a professional electrician for the safety of your family members. Earthing a device provides the electric current, the way to earth that protects the person touching it from the electric shock.

Do not attempt to repair yourself!

In case of any electrical issues in the circuits or appliances, you should not try to fix anything if you don’t have the relevant skills and experience. Attempting to repair the electrical circuits or devices without knowledge or experience can lead to electric shocks and fatal accidents. It is essential to call professional service like electrical maintenance Hervey Bay services.

Enclose the electric panels

There should be no open wires or connections in a house. It is essential to enclose the wires and contacts in the enclosures that are readily available in the market. These boxes protect the people in a home from accidently touching the electric wires.

When to call a professional

Homeowners should have some skills and experience to fix the minor issues themselves such as replacing a light bulb, tube light, heating rod or repairing a wire in a plug. However, it is essential to wear insulation gloves and turn off all the MCBs of a room before fixing an issue in that area.

For any major issue, you must call a professional and do not try to fiddle with the wiring of any area in the house. The electrical maintenance Hervey Bay professionals can repair any electrical problems.

Final Words : These are the electrical safety and maintenance tips that every family must follow. In addition to these tips, homeowners should use good quality of electric appliances. Examining the electric wiring, testing the power points, and consulting a professional can help families to make their homes electric safe.


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