How to Make Cookies at Home Without using Oven 

How to Make Cookies at Home Without using Oven

A flat and small in size cookies are very delicious. The funky and adorable cookie packagingenhances their taste. Both have their importance the cookies and packing. You can also make tasty by yourself at home. If you do not have an oven then there is no need of getting worry. You can bake them on the stove without using oven. Here, we will share with you the procedure of baking them at home and then their proper packing presentation.


The first step is about the ingredients that are used in baking. They are as given follows:


Wheat Flour                1 cups

Butter or Ghee            4 tbsp

Salt                              a pinch

Sugar Powder              2 tbsp

Vanilla Essence           1/2 tbsp


Procedure of Baking

The step by step procedure is explained for your convenience.


Prepare the Pan or Pressure Cooker

Take a pan with thick bottom surface or pressure cooker and spread the 1 inch layer of salt or sand inside the pan.

Then keep any stand or plate inside the pan to increase the height.

Pre heat the salt or sand with high flame about ten minutes.


Mixing of Ingredients

The second step is to take the ingredients.

Take a bowl and pour the butter or ghee, sugar powder, salt and vanilla essence in it. Then mix well after adding the wheat flour in this mixture. It will form the dough. Now keep this dough in the refrigerator for 15 minutes.


Make Right Shape from Dough

Now, take the dough out from freezer. Make the balls from dough of equal size. You can also draw designs with fork on them.

After making balls, grease the aluminum tin and place all of them with distance on it.



Now, keep this tin inside the hot pan or pressure cooker with tongs with great care.

Reduce the flame and cover the pan with its lid. If you are using cooker then close it without whistle weights.

Note the time for 15 minutes.

They will start to get brown.

Switch off the flame and keep them inside the pan for more 5 minutes.


Take out from Pan

They are baked and take them out from pan to wire rack gently to cool them.

The soft cookies will become crispy.


Packaging of Cookies

 This is important step about storing and preserving them. You can store them in cookie boxes without any fear. Use airtight containers to preserve them. The boxes that can be sealed after using once are best option for storing. The health of the people is highly important. Do not keep them open without any cover. The dust, light rays and water may damage them. The taste and freshness will get destroy. You will bake them with hard work and love. So, never ignore the packing matter. You can also bake for your friends and loved ones. You can present them as gifts.

The custom cookie packagingis easily available in the market at economical prices. You can order the colour, container size, style, printing design and images. You can also print the greetings and name on the containers. You can also decorate at your home. Use the flowers, greeting cards and ribbons. It will make a beautiful gift bag. Your friends will be happy by getting stunning container with yummy taste.


Follow These Instructions DuringBaking

  • Try to use cold butter.
  • Cool the dough in freezer before making balls.
  • Prefer to get salted butter because it maintains balance between sweetness and.
  • Weigh your ingredients consciously. The imbalance will damage your product.
  • Ice-cream scoop is better to make even size.
  • Take great care of flame height.
  • Avoid from over baking.
  • Notice the proper time.
  • You can also various things to enrich the taste like honey, chocolate flavor, peanuts, green cookies and other flavours of your choice.



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