How to Encourage a Loved One to Attend a Drug Rehab Center

How to Encourage a Loved One to Attend a Drug Rehab Center

Drug and alcohol addiction are serious problems that instill immobility and keep users from seeking help. A lack of guidance and motivation can make getting help impossible. 

Recovery is only sustained when the individual truly wants to get better. While there are triggers that can overpower the desire to get well, personal motivation is ultimately what steers them in the right direction.  

However, getting to a place where the user wants to get help may require a push from an outside party. 

With enough outside support, the user can begin to cultivate that inner motivation to lift themselves out of the fog.

Understanding that motivation for treatment is the result of caring outsiders as well as the individual, here are some suggestions on encouraging a loved one to search for a rehab center under terms like ‘rehab near me.’

How Can I Encourage Them To Attend A Rehab Near Me?

1.  Stick To The Facts

To get your loved one to attend a local rehab near you, the first step is to express the urgency of the problem. Stick to the facts and avoid judgment or criticism. You might say: 

Due to your drug usage, I am concerned about your physical and mental wellbeing. I feel that getting professional help is necessary for your survival. Could we work on this together? We can look for a rehab near me so I’m close by.  

If your loved one remains reluctant to go, use facts to illustrate the severity of the problem. Explain how their drug problem will eat away at their health and, and perhaps, pinpoint where this is already happening. 

You may also have luck searching for ‘rehab near me’ and printing out information for your loved one to look at directly. 

By giving them an idea of what help could look like, they might feel motivated to try it out. 

2. Hold An Intervention

Another way to encourage a loved one to get professional help is by holding an official intervention. Have friends and family explain why the loved one needs help. 

There is power in numbers, so seeing everyone might be enough to convince them to get help. Have friends and family say, let’s look for a rehab near me, so that they see that they have options. 

3. Be A Little Passive  

If your loved one is hearing your concern as a personal attack, taking a bit of a passive approach may be a better way to get through. 

You can remain passive and still convey your message with statements like this: 

I can’t control whether you get help, but I hope you do. I love you and want you to have the life you deserve. If you can find a rehab near me, I’m happy to support you in any way you need. 

Validate Your Efforts 

There is only so much you can do to help, and you must validate your efforts, regardless of whether your loved one listens to your words of encouragement or not.


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