How To Sell Tickets On Stubhub

How To Sell Tickets On Stubhub

If you have an extra ticket for an event and don’t want it to go to waste, an easy way to get your money back and make someone else’s day is to re-sell it. There are quite a few platforms available for you to sell your extra or unwanted tickets, however, Stubhub is the most popular one. That’s why we put together a quick guide on how to sell tickets on Stubhub so that you can do it quickly and easily.

Make Sure You Can Transfer Tickets

The first order of business is determining whether or not your tickets can be transferred. Unfortunately, not all tickets are transferable, so you may be stuck with them. So, before trying to list them, make sure you read the fine print and determine whether or not you are capable of giving them to someone else.

Set Up Your Account

Once you have determined you can indeed sell your tickets, it is time to set up an account through their website or mobile app. From there you can either select or create an event.

Stubhub is great for large events, but if your event is small, it may not exist on Stubhub. As a result, you will need to create an event for your ticket by going to the Stubhub Event Request form. It will take seven business days for the event to be approved. So, plan ahead.

Select Type Of Ticket

Once you select the event and select the date the ticket is good for, it is time to select the ticket type. Stubhub supports a large variety of ticket types including:

  • Virtual tickets
  • Transfer tickets
  • Traditional paper tickets
  • PDF tickets
  • Mobile transfer screenshots
  • Mobile tickets

If your ticket is a traditional paper ticket, you will be responsible for getting the ticket to the buyer before the event date. If it does not make it there before, you will face a huge penalty.

List Details of Ticket

Next, you will have to list out all the important details of the ticket like seat number, if it includes a parking pass, specific entrances they have to go through, etc. Anything the buyer needs or should know about the ticket.

Publish Your Listing

Once you have everything listed out, it is time to review your listing, select a payment method, and publish your ticket for sale. Stubhub will take care of everything after that for you to help sell your tickets online.


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