Ensuring the Success of Workday Deployments

Ensuring the Success of Workday Deployments

You finally signed on with Workday to take advantage of its embedded, actionable real-time analytics for a single, strategy-ready view of your business. Good for you — Workday is a popular choice among businesses that seek to streamline processes, boost productivity, and lower risk across your HR, finance, and payroll operations. However, you still have more moves to make, since you need help maximizing your investment. Here’s what you need to know about ensuring the success of Workday deployments.

What is Workday?

Workday is essentially an enterprise cloud-based system that focus on human capital management, financial management and analytics apps.

What are some Workday Benefits?

The system markedly enhances human resources and payroll compliance, lowering risk, providing more accurate and up-to-date data for decision making, and improving efficiencies across your organization. It has the capability to launch, manage and evolve integrations with other systems.

Also, Workday is accessible from your mobile device as well as your desktop, and HR teams have access to real-time info. And because Workday is configured specifically for your company, no hard coding is involved. 

What’s more, while Workday does feature a user-friendly website, you first need help with system deployment.

Why Do I Need Workday Help?

Simply put, you need help to squeeze the most from your investment. That’s why the vendor has a cadre of Workday implementation partners globally whose job it is to get you to the finish line, in terms of full deployment. These partners – experts in Workday, all — also continually adopt new system capabilities. 

Why Mercer?

You do need the help of a Workday partner, but as these things go, not all partners are the same. 

You would do well to check out Mercer, which has been a certified Workday partner for more than 12 years. Not only does the consulting firm know everything there is to know about Workday implementation, but it provides optimization as well as post-launch support and application management for companies of all sizes and from a wide range of industries.

Mercer has vast technical expertise plus knowledge of HR best practices and financials, all of which means swifter launches, more return on your investment, and continuous process improvement. 

The firm’s class-leading proprietary tools easily handle data conversion, testing and governance, with HR effectiveness top of mind.

How Does Mercer Help with Organization Growth?

Ultimately, that’s the chief goal, eh? Well, Mercer works to ensure that Workday becomes the basis for company growth with minimal disruption, employing the entirety of its human resources expertise.

Does Mercer Help Bring Employees Along?

Switching out entire software systems is a very big deal. Mercer knows that, so, from the beginning, it will make sure that everyone – from bottom to top – is involved in the transition and is informed and equipped.

How Clear is Mercer’s Deployment Plan?

Before Mercer gets going in earnest, it’ll establish a clear, comprehensive, and detailed roadmap for Workday integration, all of which involves leadership and success metrics. If that weren’t enough, Mercer will identify any prospective sustainability threats.

Can Mercer Help with Global Standardization?

Yep. With the help of its multinational team, Mercer helps you with global standardization of its HR programs and processes and utilizes Workday to establish an aligned HR function.

As you can see, ensuring the success of Workday deployment means signing on with a Workday partner, and one that has deep Workday expertise and knowledge of HR practices and financials. We’ve found that Mercer fits the bill.

Hey, why go through all that time and expense if you aren’t willing to optimize your investment? 


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