4 Reasons Why Every Indian Home Must Have A Wall Fan

4 Reasons Why Every Indian Home Must Have A Wall Fan

Though ceiling fans are one of the most commonly used types of fans, there are other types of fans too that offer various benefits that even ceiling fans don’t. One such fan type that offers several benefits is the wall fan. For instance, one of the most important benefits that a wall fan offers is that it can be used in spaces where it is difficult and sometimes almost impossible to use a ceiling fan. 

This, however, is just one of the many reasons why every home must have a wall fan. To find out what the other reasons are, continue reading the post.

They allow directional and rotational airflow.

Unlike ceiling fans that cool the entire room space, wall fans can be used for cooling specific areas in a room. Wall fans have the option to switch to the direction and rotational airflow mode which means if there’s nobody in the room and you want to direct the airflow to a particular area in the room you may switch to that mode.

They are easy to maintain

If you have cleaned a ceiling fan, you would know how difficult it is to clean one. One has to climb a ladder or a stool to clean a ceiling fan. And that’s not all you would also require someone to hold the stool or ladder for you to ensure it’s safe. But with wall fans, it’s not the same. Wall fans are placed at low heights, and therefore, it is easy to clean them. Some walls also come with a detachable cover that allows one to properly clean the blades.

They are energy-efficient

Wall fans are powerful yet energy efficient. That’s because they come with a smaller motor that easily supports their smaller blades. The energy efficiency of a wall fan also depends on the brand from which you buy your wall fan. For instance, Luminous India offers highly energy-efficient wall fans, for example, their Mojo Plus Wall Fan (400 MM) consumes as little as 55 watts of power.

They take up very little space

Wall fans are ideal for rooms with space constraints. So let’s say if you want to install a fan in a room with a low hanging ceiling and very little space then installing a wall fan is the only option available to you. That’s because installing a ceiling fan in a room with a low-hanging roof would not be a very safe option. Similarly, if your room doesn’t have enough space then installing a pedestal fan may also not be a practically viable solution.

Want to buy a wall fan?

If you are thinking of buying a wall fan but are sitting on a tight budget then you should check out the wide range of wall fans that Luminous India has to offer. The company not only manufactures quality products but they also ensure that their products are reasonably priced. And the best part is that their wall fans are energy efficient which means you also get to save on your energy bills. So without further ado, go visit Luminous India’s website and bring home a stylish wall fan, today! 


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