Excellence in Construction: Top Custom Home Builders

Excellence in Construction

Anyone looking to build a new home with unique preferences for designs, touches, and finishes will need a custom home builder.

That is because custom home builders are well-experienced, have the resources, and possess the technical know-how for such kinds of homes that may not be attainable with regular builders.

If you want a home customized to your style, a custom builder is who you need. They all offer a variety of services, including architecture, interior or outdoor design, engineering, and the like of it. They can provide additional services like surveying a suitable piece of land for the kind of building you need and future maintenance and repair of your custom home.

To help you find the best one around, we’ve compiled a list of the top custom home builders and what they do to help you make the right choice for your custom home.

Cullum Homes

A unique characteristic of Cullum Homes is that they involve their clients throughout the design and building process having the homeowner’s needs and lifestyles in mind. They offer their clients a very detailed and collaborative design and construction process.

Cullum Homes, based out of Scottsdale, Arizona, have one specific goal, which is to ensure that the homeowner, the site, and the surrounding area inspire the entire building project. 

They provide their clients with a web-based portal to enable them to connect with the builders. This exclusive software gives access to contract documents, images, plans, specification sheets, approvals, and selection confirmation. And by using a web-enabled device, clients can have access to all these features.

Aside from custom home building, Cullum Homes provide additional services like interior design, remodeling, repair, and maintenance of buildings. 


Xhema is well known for building elegant homes with any luxury finish and detail conceivable. They offer exquisite features like the installation of rotating arts and artistic designs. They have a good reputation in the custom home building industry for aesthetically designed family homes, townhouses, estates, and also restoration of old homes.

Xhema provides an array of services and carries out the whole custom building project with its architectural designs and a team of professional architects. 

If you have a huge budget and want to build a masterpiece, they are the custom builders you need.

Schumacher Homes

Launched in the 1990s, Schumacher Homes started as a fix-and-flip real estate company. The business was later turned into a custom home construction company. The company focuses on freedom, design, flexibility, and, most importantly, affordability. One of their main selling points is helping buyers find the perfect property that fits their custom-build ideas. 

Kingswood Custom Homes

Kingswood custom homes have staff with years of experience known to provide quality custom homes in North and South Carolina. Their team of workers with collective experiences of over 200 years has completed buildings that have won awards over the year.

Their staff members are also award winners in their areas of expertise, including architecture, construction, interior and outdoor design. You would need to contact them directly to ask questions and get further information on the quality and kind of service they offer.

Storey Custom Homes

They are award-winning and value-driven custom home builders who understand the balance between cost and return on investment. They efficiently maximize the client’s investment by making use of up-to-date fixtures and accessories coupled with standard planning.

Story Custom Homes, based out of Duluth, ensure that you receive value for every dollar spent. They feature an online gallery of building projects they’ve done where you can surf through to get ideas for the kind of designs you want and to know the kind of homes they’ve built.

Wardell Builders

Wardell Builders provide several home styles in different sizes. They offer continuous assistance for future repairs and maintenance for their clients. They construct homes in a broad range of designs and finishes.

Wardell’s website project galleries are filled with previous beautiful works they’ve done and the kind of designs they’ve built. Although they are mostly known for custom home building, they can also carry out remodeling projects, fixes, and routine maintenance.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Custom Home Builder

  • The company’s headquarters and area they offer their services.
  • Their design and construction process
  • The additional services they offer and energy efficiency.
  • Their warranties and licenses
  • Reviews from customers, awards, and accolades.

Custom home builders are just who you need for that change of home style or remodeling project. You should contact a reputable one to enable you to achieve the desired home outcome.

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