Unsure About Your Legal Options? When Should You Consider Hiring a Car Accident Attorney?

Hiring a Car Accident Attorney

If you have recently been injured in a car accident, the first thing to do is to seek medical assistance. You need to receive care to minimize any pain and trauma you are going through. If you didn’t sustain any injury to your body, you could go ahead to document everything that happened at the nearest police station. 

After or during medical care, the next immediate action is to speak with experienced Beach Injury Lawyers on how to file an injury lawsuit. However, if you are having doubts about whether to call a car accident attorney or not after an injury, continue reading to know if you should immediately hire one.

If You Sustained Any Injuries Or Damages To Your Car

If you didn’t sustain any injuries and the damage to your car is insignificant, maybe a little fender-bender, you may not need to call a car accident injury attorney. However, if the car accident caused a permanent disability or health issues that would last for a long period or serious damage to your car, then you need a car accident injury attorney. 

A car injury attorney will help you fight for justice and do everything possible to help recover medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, wages lost, and future earnings that may be lost due to the injury sustained.

When The Other Party Is Denying Responsibility For The Crash

Sometimes, in a car accident scenario, the guilty party chooses to deny responsibility for the crash even when it’s obvious they are the one at fault. If you are in such a situation, you should hire the services of a car injury attorney

Once you do, your car injury attorney will carry out a thorough investigation into the car accident to determine who is at fault. If the inquiry proves that the other party is to be blamed for the crash, then it will be filed as evidence against them in case of a court appearance.

However, if the report shows you had a share in the blame for the crash, your car injury attorney lawyer can still help you pursue damages and seek justice as long as the allocated blame to you is not more than 50%.

When the Other Party’s Insurance Provider is Offering a Low Settlement

You should be careful not to provide any official statement or agree to any settlement to the other driver’s insurance provider immediately after an accident. This is because the exact cost of the injuries inflicted on you or damage to your car is not fully determined at that early stage of the accident.

It is, however wise to hire an attorney who would analyze the extent to which the accident has affected and will affect your future. They can do that not just by using your medical reports but also with experience from other cases they’ve previously handled.

They would be able to determine the right kind of settlement so you don’t suffer from future expenses that were not added to the initial settlement. Such future expenses from the cost of surgeries, car modifications, long-term hospitalization, and a decline in your earnings may not be something you foresee. And most times, after agreeing to a settlement, you can’t go back for more money. However, a car injury attorney will have all this in perspective before they allow you to agree to any settlement.

If a Government Parastatal is Responsible For Your Accident

It takes a skillful car injury attorney to be able to get proper justice if your car accident was caused by the negligence of either the state or local government employees. It is not a case you should jump into without proper guidance.

A professional car injury attorney understands the complexity of the case and knows the exact legal actions to take to avoid further charges incurred on you.

When the Accident Claims the Life of a Loved One

You have the right to seek justice for the death of a loved one through a wrongful death claim if it was caused by negligence or carelessness of the other driver. A car injury attorney will give you all the required information you need to file the claim and also help you get through the entire legal process while ensuring you recover any damages incurred as a result of the loss.

What Characteristics Do You Look Out For Before Hiring a Car Injury Attorney

You should look out for these traits before hiring a car injury attorney:

  • How passionate they are towards the law and in pursuing justice for their clients.
  • One with good communication skills and sound judgment.
  • They must have years of experience and be knowledgeable on the injury laws guiding your locality.
  • A certified injury attorney has specialization in this area of law.

A car accident can be a traumatizing incident, and handling the legal process around it by yourself can be quite overwhelming. Seeking the assistance of a car injury lawyer to help you through the entire legal process will give you enough time to rest and recover. This is because their job experience and knowledge will help you pursue your claim.

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