Final countdown to Black Friday

Final countdown to Black Friday

*We reached the end of the year; November is passing by and that means the shopping season is getting started. Christmas is coming and most people begin their holiday shopping right after Thanksgiving; everyone is expecting Black Friday sales.
Though this year the deals are being offered earlier, most of the best discounts will occur on Friday 27, the date of Black Friday. So let us take a look at what Black Friday will bring.

Opportunities are starting right now

Many stores are offering great deals even before November 27; retailers are turning Black Friday into Black November, for there are brands that have already started to promote their sales, most of them online.
For example, Shapermint´s Black Friday deals are being publicized on their website; they are promising incredible discounts for Friday 27, announcing it will be the biggest sale with prices extremely low. But that is not all they are publicizing; if you access their website you will find they are already granting amazing discounts (up to 60% off) on all types of underwear. So, although many customers will prefer to wait until the big day comes to make the most of Black Friday, we recommend you to seize any opportunity you get if you see the product you are looking for on sale, for the store may run out of stock before the big event.

Many brands are anticipating, many stores have started to offer discounts, therefore you better stay alert.
It is probably convenient to start your holiday shopping as soon as possible, that way you won’t take the risk of experiencing delivery delays, because on Friday 27 (and the following days) the delivery system could collapse.

Doorbusters won’t be an option

This year due to the pandemic, most of the customers will be shopping online instead of going to the store’s facility. This is why retailers are modifying Black Friday this year; events like doorbusters won’t take place because of the safety measures Covid requires. That is saying a lot, for doorbusters are really expected during Black Friday; like Shapermint’s Black Friday doorbuster, which often offers the greatest deals ever and no women, wants to miss it. Nevertheless, don’t let this discourage you, doorbusters deals will be offered for online shopping as well. Many stores will be publicizing major discounts on Black Friday at their opening hour through their website.

Should you buy now or should you wait?

As we said, more and more great deals are being offered these days; because when a major retailer publicizes a low price, their competitors don’t want to be left behind and follow the same steps. This generates a competitive sales situation for customers, which is a good thing for people who don’t count with big budgets this year.
This is why day-by-day discounts are coming up constantly, which lead us to the dilema; is it preferable to buy now or is it better to wait? Well, our advice is to buy as soon as you can. It is true that we will probably see the best discounts on Black Friday itself, but it is not a fact, if you wait there is no guarantee you will get a better price later and even worst, you may lose the only deal you were going to get or you can take the risk of not being able to buy due to lack of stock. Moreover, if you see a better deal after you already bought something, you can always buy it again to make the most of that deal and then return the original product.


Black Friday is happening right now; it is no longer a one-day event but more like a whole month of special sales. It is better to stay alert every day in order to know which are the best discounts retailers are offering. Retailers will encourage online shopping and in–store doorbusters will be replaced by websites events. We recommend you to buy early to avoid shipping or delivery delays and lack of stock. If you see the product, you are looking for on sale, do not hesitate, and don’t leave it for later to see if you can get a better deal, you better grasp the opportunity.


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