Format of article writing – 2022 guide

Suppose you want to tell people about something and have some opinions regarding a topic. How will you do this and make sure everyone listens to it? In this case, you can only inform the people around you. You would require extra work to make the world listen to you. Check how the online paper writer does so. 

You would often have seen people writing their issues and suggestions in some journals, newspapers, and magazines in their blogs. They write their beliefs and opinions in the form of an essay or an article. 

Here is a full-proof format for writing an article.

What is an article?

An article is a piece of writing solely generated by the writer for a bigger audience. However, the motive behind writing an essay is to get it published in magazines, journals, or newspapers to make some difference to the world. 

It may be related to some current issues, or it may be the writer’s topics of interest. The case, language, or tone can either be severe or not-so-serious.

Essential elements of article writing

Objectives of Article Writing

An article is written keeping in mind the following objectives

  • It brings out the matter of interest or the topics in the limelight
  • The report provides information on specific issues or several other topics
  • It offers pieces of advice or suggestions to the audience regarding their problems. 
  • It influences the readers by urging them to think about the stated facts and figures. 
  • The article discusses various persons, locations, rising-issues, stories, and technical developments.

The Format of Article Writing

An article should be arranged adequately to draw the attention of the audience. The raw format for article writing is:

  • Heading or the Title of the essay or article
  • A-line having the writer’s name showing who the author is
  • Body including the paper’s central part covering 2 – 3 paragraphs portraying the essay’s central theme or form.
  • Conclusion include the ending paragraph of the article with the opinion or recommendation, suggestion, anticipation, or an appeal.

Steps for Article Writing Format

Think of the topic you want to write an article about. Only after you’ve decided on your case you can go ahead and undertake the further steps in the process one by one:

  1. Target Audience: Identifying the concerning reading group or the audience.
  2. Purpose: Finding the target, objective, or aim of writing the article.
  3. Collect & Select: collect all the information as possible, especially which is relevant and important. Also, identify the details of the data that are most significant and essential.
  4. Organize: Arrange the figures, information, and the facts in a logical way.

Once you have taken care of all the above steps, you come to the final step that is writing.

  • Always use proper grammar, spelling, and adequate punctuations while writing your essay or article 
  • use adequate vocabulary
  • Keep the introduction of the topic interesting, catching, and short
  • Discuss the matter of opinion in a descriptive and organized way.


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