Recent innovations in age-reversing technology as explained by Hani Zeini

Recent innovations in age-reversing technology as explained by Hani Zeini

Growing old is a natural and unavoidable process. It is something that people have accepted with a few hesitations. However, scientists have been trying to discover various ways to stay healthy and young. Although it may sound outlandish, there are some creative ways found out in the field of anti-aging technology. By understanding how the human body functions and grows and thereby progresses towards old age, scientists have tried to develop innovative ways to reverse the aging reality. Hence, Hani Zeini believes that it will help grab the same benefits when you have a proper understanding of aging reality.

Take a look at the following points to understand reverse aging procedures as provided by Hani Zeini

 Technology introduced various reverse aging procedures:

  • Stem cell technologies: Experiments were conducted on the cells of old mice by introducing the stem cell. The process uses adult cells to generate these stem cells, which allowed the scientist to reprogram skin cells to attain the initial stage. The study revealed that the reprogramming enabled the animal to live 30% longer in comparison to others. The study has brought about landmark information regarding the use of stem cells in the field of anti-aging.
  • Mutant DNA: Scientists undertook the manipulation of mitochondria of the cell for repairing the DNA. Generally, a cell consists of two sorts of DNA, namely, mutant and normal DNA. The study revealed that mutant DNA is the reason behind the aging of cells and their eventual death. Moreover, the role of autophagy was brought under consideration while targeting the mutant DNA. They also revealed that the increase of Mitophagy activities eventually reduced the level of mutant DNA. Hence, it has a significant effect on the repair and aging of cells in human beings.
  • Splicing factor: Recent studies reveal that splicing factors present in the cells become inactive as people age. The reactivation of the splicing factors by introducing reversal juice, discovered in red wine, helps miraculously. It enables the cells to regain their capacity of dividing just like younger cells. It will rejuvenate the cell and also prevent it from aging and dying. It would mean longer shelf-life and better health in addition to reduced signs of aging.
  • Rejuvenate bio: It was an initiative taken to study the process of aging in the case of dogs. The study revealed that it is possible to eliminate the risks of kidney disease, heart disease, and more by modifying specific genes. The focus of the survey was on breeds that have a shorter life span.
  • Senolytic drug: By combining and injecting pre-existing chemicals, it could extend the life span and also delay health issues related to age. According to Hani Zeini, proper medication could help the cells regain their dividing capacity and mobility. The acceptable combination of drugs may help in reversing aging and lengthening the life span.

Although aging is a natural process, modern technology has innovative ways of dealing with the same. No individual wants to look old and inactive. Hence by using contemporary technical assistance, you may ensure a longer life span devoid of age-related health risks.


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