5+ Free Folder Lock applications for Android to secure your phone.

5+ Free Folder Lock applications for Android to secure your phone.

Free Folder Lock applications for Android to secure your phone

We all understand the value of data these days, and because cellphones are so common, we save all our critical files and folders on them. Android devices are easy to hack because of their easy access. Hackers are on the lookout for a means to break into this system and take the data. Users may need the Best Free Folder Lock Software. Rather than getting services from businesses like Keryar, apps like these are a safe option to be safe. For Android in this situation, many security professionals propose security apps. We’ll go through the purpose and functionality of these applications in great depth. As a web designer, this may be a great option to secure your data.

When you think of security tools, you think of antivirus software.

Yet, these are two separate things. Antivirus programs are vital for protecting your Android cell phones. But they cannot guarantee perfect security. Who is in charge of the files and folders you’ve stored on your Android phone? Do you have any idea how safe these are? Have you taken any precautions to secure their safety? Yes, we, like others, are oblivious to this significant issue, yet such files and directories are hacker targets. To avoid hackers and to save your data without fear, you need a good Folder Lock Apps For Android.

To safeguard our readers from hackers, we’ve gathered a list of the top free folder lock applications for Android. This file locker tool allows you to establish a password on various apps, files, and folders to keep you safe. As a result, it will be fascinating for all Android users. Take a peek at the list below.

Folder Lock

It is one of the most accessible folder lock applications for Android.  It is accessible on the Google Play Store; you can get it at any moment. You may use this program to create a password to safeguard any form of data. This includes files, images, videos, documents, contacts, and even applications. The free version has the necessary security protections. This subscription includes the ability to back your files and folders to the cloud. You will also get a WiFi data transfer option with the helo of this greatest security solution. It will allow you to move any files or folders across Android devices.


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Folder Lock advanced

Folder Lock advanced and a fine free folder lock application for Android.  It is an enhanced version of the Folder Lock app. It goes a step further and gives you the robust data protection and a document organizer. You also get a phone ringing application that is available for Android. It provides two primary lock options, Program Lock and Gallery Lock. Which safeguards your media files and other crucial folders without any effort.

Folder lock advanced protects your files or private, confidential data in a safe method to secure your phone. Especially after you have used your e-wallet and made an online purchase from the card. It offers cloud backup, so you can back up your data. And if you forget your password, you can regain it by sharing your information. You may achieve total data security and protection. All you have to do is use one of the finest free folder lock applications for Android.

File Locker

File Lockers is another app on our list of the top free folder locks apps for Android. You can use it to safeguard your sensitive data. All files are safe within the programs. You can also establish passwords or conceal them from outsiders. Since it permits you to add text, video, and picture files from the folder as well as guard text, video, and image files. This is one of the finest free folder lock applications for Android.

You must enter the password or security questions if you wish to access the protected files. If you safeguard the folders by saving them in the app, they will no longer be on your phone’s file manager. You may use this option to clone folders and delete old data. It also reduces the possibility of data mixing and gives you a simple method for accessing your data without worry.


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Secured Folder

Secure Folder is also the top free folder lock application for Samsung. It protects your files and folders. Samsung is the most trustworthy and trusted Android developer. Its File Locker protects all your data and folders from hackers. It does that by utilizing the Samsung Knox security system. The disadvantage of this security solution is that it is only available on Samsung. As a result, and you’re not a Samsung user, you will be unable to use it. We can maintain it on our list of the top free folder lock applications for Samsung.


FileSafe is a folder lock application for Android, but it is also a full-fledged file manager. It can conceal files or folders. It has access to your data because it is a comprehensive file management tool. It replaces files and folders when you secure them with a secret password or code.

Easy Vault

Easy Vault does not lock folders, but it can lock and conceal images, videos, music, and documents. The software features an option that conceals the Easy vault symbol from your App drawer. Making it hard for anyone to discover that you are using a vault application. It also has a hidden folder where you may save your photos, movies, and other things.


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Safe Folder Vault

It’s not a folder lock program, but it can password secure important files. The program gives access to a private vault where they may save images, movies, audio, and other files. Not only that, but Safe Folder Vault allows you to lock any software you desire.


Here we will wrap up our list of the top free folder lock applications for Android. We gave you the greatest alternatives available. Some of which are free and others of which need a premium subscription. You can select your preferences and requirements to achieve the desired outcomes. Install one of these apps on your phone to get security and protection from hackers. We hope you liked reading our essay, and do let us know if you know of any helpful data protection tools.


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